Weatherproof Flow Meters from Titan Enterprises

The Metra-Smart weatherproof flow meters from Titan Enterprises are designed for computing and displaying flow rates and totals as well as giving analogue outputs proportional to flow.

The Titan Metra-Smart flow computers are weatherproof flow meters/computational flow devices to IP66 / IP67 (NEMA 4X) standards. UV resistant, the Metra-Smart flow computer is suitable for operation (-20C to 80C) in environments where weatherproof flow meters  are required within harsh industrial and marine environments. As well as computing flow rates and totals, this small, intrinsically safe device can also give two pre-set flow alarms and calculate differential rates from two input sensors.

The battery powered Metra-Smart displays re-settable total, accumulated total and flow rate in engineering units as programmed by the user. Simple pin-protected flow chart programming with prompts are used to guide users through the entire programming routine. The battery life of the Metra-Smart is 10 years + to provide you with long peace of mind.

The pulse output of the Metra-Smart can be selected to act as an input pulse repeater serving as a signal conditioner module or may be programmed as a scaled pulse output for remote metering.

For further information about the Metra-Smart flow computer or to discuss your application please contact Titan Enterprises here

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