Titan Viscous Fluid/Liquid Flow Meters

Built for metering viscous fluids and liquids, such as hydraulic oils used in heavy machinery, at pressures of up to 700 bar and temperatures up to 150°C, the Titan OG-2 700 bar ‘viscous fluid flow meters’ are designed to be fully IP67 / NEMA 4 compliant. With a standard flow range from 0.03 to 4.0 litres / minute on 30Cstk oil the flowmeter is able to routinely achieve outstanding accuracy (0.5%) and repeatability (0.1%). Combining robust 316 stainless steel design, durable construction materials and proven technology ensures that Titan OG2-700 bar viscous fluid/liquid flow meters provide reliable, accurate operation over an extended product lifetime.

At the heart of the meter are a pair of toothed oval gears one of which contains chemically resistant magnets, the gears rotate freely on robust bearings. Rotation is detected through the chamber wall by a Hall effect detector or a reed switch giving approximately 1100 pulses per litre passed. The output is an NPN pulse or a voltage free contact closure either of which is readily interfaced with most electronic display or recording devices. This combination of materials and technology ensures a long life product with reliable, accurate operation throughout.

OG2 oval gear viscous fluid/liquid flow meters: Features

  • Excellent chemical resistance
    Rugged construction
  • Individual calibration
  • High viscosity capability
  • Low pressure loss
  • No flow conditioning required
  • Compact meter assembly
  • Hall, reed switch or Namur sensor
  • Accuracy 1.0% FSD water
  • 0.75% FSD oil
  • ±0.5% reading *
  • 0.1% repeatability
  • IP67/NEMA 4 protection
  • Models to 700 Bar
  • Non-metallic option
  • * When used with our metra-smart
  • instrument
  • Ideal for:
  • Engine test
  • Oil flow
  • High viscosity fluids
  • High viscosity liquids
  • OEM equipment

OG2 4L/min oval gear viscous fluid flow meters: Standard Materials of Construction

  • Body – 316 St St or PEEK™
  • ‘Seal – Viton™
  • Gears – Carbon filled PEEK™
  • Magnets – Ceramic