Totalising Flowmeter For Almost Any Liquid

Titan Enterprises has announced a new version of its Metra-Sum – a low-cost, battery powered, totalising flowmeter for monitoring the delivery of almost any type of liquid.

Titan Metra-Sum Totalising Flow meter

Titan Enterprises have engineered the Metra-Sum totalising flowmeter to precisely monitor the delivery or dispense of liquids including viscous oils, syrups and non-conducting solvents. The sensor uses two precision contra-rotating oval gear wheels in an inert moulded polyethersulphone body. This gives the Metra-Sum totalising flowmeter excellent flow measurement accuracy, independent of liquid viscosity or temperature, and a wide operating flow range from 0.15 to 4 Litres/min.

Magnets encased in the rotating gears signal the flow rate to the externally mounted indicator. The 6 digit totaliser display provides the accumulated total volume dispensed, in Litres, enabling accurate inventory control and accounting for valuable fluids usage.

Metra Sum Totalising Flowmeter

Metra Sum Totalising Flowmeter