One of the challenges of supplying thousands of flow meters a year is the storage and accessibility of the calibration information. Not a week goes by without a customer requesting a lost calibration certificate or in one case 300 lost calibration certificates ! To facilitate easy response to these calibration certificate losses – Titan has traditionally stored all flowmeter calibration certificates as pdf’s.

Recently a customer has requested a comma separated label on each supplied flowmeter containing the meter serial number and the ‘K’ factors at specific flow rates. A very simple data package. The idea being that when the meter is installed a quick scan will upload the calibration information directly into their computer. This started us thinking.

With the proliferation of mobile phones nearly everyone has access to a bar code reader so why not put a compact version of the calibration certificate on each meter.

The data matrix label Titan are considering can handle a large amount of information. We are tempted by this idea and would appreciate customer feedback on the perceived merits of such a system.



and tell us if there is enough data there if you are stuck for calibration data and have misplaced your certificate?