For many years, Titan has been a pioneering innovator in developing turbine flow meter technology for beverage metering. Turbine flow meters offer many advantages, most notably they offer high performance, competitive pricing and are compatible with flow rates up to 10 litres per minute. We report (below) on an exciting development that organisations involved with beverage metering will be interested to learn about.

A few years ago, we trialled an Atrato ultrasonic flowmeter in a bar. It was a great success – outperforming the traditional standard turbine flowmeter by a factor of 2. The Atrato technology as it then stood was however relatively expensive technology and definitely not suitable to put under bars all around the world. The Atrato ultrasonic flowmeter is designed as a precision device with excellent performance over its whole 200:1 flow range. With the latest version software, these flowmeters are returning ±0.5% accuracy over the majority of their flow range and we have a watching brief on our production line calibration with the aim to demonstrate a consistent improvement in this published specification. An ultrasonic beer meter however can have a much simplified specification. For this device a flow range of 15:1 would be acceptable with a starting flow of 0.25 litres per minute and an accuracy of ±2% at near constant temperatures when installed in the cellar. With these relaxed specifications in mind we have produced prototypes that can outperform our minimum specification and be produced for an acceptable price for widespread implementation in bars. We will be continuing this research with the aim of producing a low-cost ultrasonic beverage meter with no moving parts and a plain bore that can pass a beer line cleaning pellet. Sample meters should be available later this year.

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