Titan Enterprises manufacture clean-bore, low-flow, flow sensor solutions covering wide ranging flow measurement applications, including flow meters for lab experiments and pilot plant applications.

Flow Meters for Lab Experiments & Pilot Plant

Titan reports that the rugged, clean bore construction of their Atrato ultrasonic flow meter range is ideal for a wide range of low-flow laboratory applications – with the additional benefit of being very easy to clean between experiments.

Available in 60°C, 110°C temperature versions and a 30 bar higher pressure model, the ultrasonic flow meters for lab experiments use patented ‘time-of-flight’ ultrasonic technology that enable them to operate with unmatched accuracy over very wide flow ranges.

The Atrato’s advanced signal processing system permits flow measurement across the whole Reynolds number range allowing both viscous and non-viscous fluids to be metered accurately.  The superior construction and electronics, coupled with Titan’s unique algorithms, remove the need for zero point adjustments. These adjustment requirements are evident within competitor flow measurement meters, sensors and indicators and are often impractical to exercise in the field environment.

Powerful, yet very easy to use, Atrato flow meter software enables data recording via an external computer. With features that provide monitoring, reporting and management of flow data, the software delivers a continuous picture of your experiment and a reliable alternative to restrictive and costly manual metering.

Users can select from a wide variety of functions and time periods over which to store their results.  Flow data sets are saved as .csv files which can then be imported directly into many analysis software packages for later manipulation and analysis.

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