Titan Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meters – Selection Chart

Titan’s range of inline ultrasonic liquid flow sensors & indicators are a genuine breakthrough in flow sensing technology. Utilising our patented ‘time-of-flight’ ultrasonic flow metering technology, these innovative flow measurement devices are able to operate with excellent accuracy over wide liquid flow ranges.

UK Manufacture, global supply.

Please note, Titan do not manufacture gas flow meters.

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Meters in Range

Min Flow L/min

Max Flow L/min

Accuracy Range

Detector Type

Body Material

Pipe Fitting


0.002 L/min

15 L/min



316 Stainless

1/4" BSP

Process Ultrasonic Flowmeter



5 L/min

+-0.5% FSD



300mm tube tails


Metraflow PFA Flowmeter







½”BSP; ½” NPT; 3/8”JG

Atrato Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Ongoing Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Measurement Developments

Titan’s development of unique algorithms and techniques have resulted in a new generation of ultrasonic liquid flow meters that work well at low flow and deliver accurate measurements within a wide range of industrial processes.

Titan Atrato® – Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Liquids

Atrato Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The Titan Atrato Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The Atrato® is an inline non-invasive ultrasonic flow meter that can handle flows from laminar to turbulent and is therefore largely immune from viscosity. It also offers excellent turndown, linearity and repeatability. Atrato® flowmeters operate over very wide flow ranges (250:1) with excellent accuracy (better than ±1.5%) over the whole span. Ruggedly constructed with PEEK pipe connections and either a glass or 317 Stainless Steel flow tube, the compact Atrato® is compliant to IP54 standards. Its clean bore construction makes it ideal for a wide range of flow applications.

Titan Process Atrato – Ultrasonic Flow Measurement for Process & Control

ultrasonic flow meter for process and control

Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Process and Control – the Titan Process Atrato

Titan’s compact Process Atrato® is ideal for industrial applications, particularly within the chemical, oil and gas, semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries. The combination of industrial proof housing and top performance (±0.5% linearity, high sensitivity, wide flow range linearity, no moving parts, fast response time), this very reliable ultrasonic flow meter for liquids can be installed anywhere.

Titan Metraflow® – PFA Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Ultra Pure Flow Measurement & Aggressive Liquid Chemicals

PFA Ultra pure aggressive chemical ultrasonic flow meter

Ultra Pure & Aggressive Chemical Ultrasonic Flow Meter Manufactured from PFA – The Titan Metraflow

Titan’s Metraflow® is non-intrusive with no internal moving parts, designed to accurately measure liquid travelling through the clear, single, clean bore measurement flow tube constructed from high performance Perfluoroalkoxy Alkane (PFA) polymer. This non-invasive single tube ultrasonic flow meter operates over a wide flow range with an accuracy of +/-0.5% FSD and repeatability across flow ranges from 20 to 5000 ml/min. Constructed from PFA polymer, this advanced tubing option for the Metraflow® offers excellent chemical inertness, is able to withstand damage by dangerous contaminants, prevents accumulation of particles and has an ultra-high grade of purity. Metraflow®, the perfect pure water flow meter, is also ideal for the flow measurement of challenging liquids and fluids, its wide flow range and PFA (FDA approved) tubing making it highly suited to aggressive chemical flow measurement.