Beer Flow Meter & Totaliser: Installation Notes

totalising beer flow meter

Totalising Beer Flow Meter

The principle of operation of tht Titan totalising beer flow meter is very simple. A jet of liquid is directed at a free running Pelton wheel turbine in a specially shaped chamber. The rotation of the rotor is detected with a Hall effect sensor. The output frequency of these pulses is directly proportional to flow rate and the total number of pulses the total volume passed. The standard bearing material is sapphire as this gives a long trouble free life to the meter. Non-metallic construction mean that these meters may be used with very aggressive chemicals and ultra-pure

The Titan totalising beer flow meter is a stand-alone product that shows the amount of liquid dispensed since the last re-set. The unit can only be zeroed using a hand held key fob. The fob will work with single indicators or groups of devices in a number of locations. The indicator must have power to work but should the device be disconnected the display will flash when power is restored and will continue to do so until the unit it re-set using the key fob. The totalising beer flow meter will remember the total at power down and continue incrementing from that point when the power is restored. The display increments in pints or litres. Install the totalising beer flow meter in a horizontal run of pipe using 3/8” push on John Guest fittings with the arrow on the back of the meter in the direction of the beer flow. Connect power to the socket on the side, 7-15Vdc, a “plug” type power supply of the correct rating is ideal. Do not use a 24V transformer. We can supply a dedicated PSU for multiple unit installations. The reset key fob must be held very close to the reset window and the button pressed for approximately 3 seconds. This close proximity will ensure that no other meters in the same area are simultaneously reset. The “colon” in the centre of the display will light up if a reset signal is being received. If a count in excess of 999.9 is made the decimal point to the right of the hundred digit will flash.

Do not run the totalising beer flow meter on gas as this will damage the device. Where possible fit a mechanical air eliminator (FOB detector).

beer flow meter

Titan beer flow meter wiring

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3/8 Beer Flow Meter Dimensions