Flow Meter Types: Atrato Ultrasonic Flowmeters

Utilising patented technology that enables it to operate with excellent accuracy over very wide flow ranges, the Atrato inline ultrasonic flow meters are a genuine breakthrough in flowmeter technology. Its rugged, clean bore construction makes the Atrato ideal for a whole range of low flow applications. Titan is designing an ever expanding range of Atrato products, both bespoke and with standard configurations. All these electronic meters are immune from viscosity effects, deliver excellent accuracy and unmatched performance across a wide dynamic range.

Ultrasonic Flowmeters

Flow Meter Types: Oval Gear Flowmeters

Titan designed its own range of oval gear flowmeters to satisfy the need for a simple, reliable gear meter that could be used on both viscous and non-viscous products. Used today by a large number of industrial and process customers worldwide – Titan’s Oval Gear (OG) flow meter range has expanded and OEM configurations have included meters for use at high temperature (200°C) or high pressure ( 950 Bar).

Oval Gear Flowmeters

Flow Meter Types: Turbine Flowmeters

This very flexible range of meters is available in a wide choice of permutations enabling Titan to deliver a turbine meter optimised to your precise requirements. Nine flow ranges, two detector types, three termination options, four ‘O’ ring materials, 6 styles of end fittings and four end fitting material options are available and OEM configurations can be accommodated.

Turbine Flowmeters

Flow Meter Types: Low Cost Turbine Flowmeters

Manufactured from high quality, chemically resistant polymers, these low cost turbine flow meters provide a very affordable solution for a wide range of applications. Drawing upon long experience, Titan now offers the most commonly requested low cost turbine flow meter configurations as standard models. For larger volume requirements, Titan offers a consultancy service whereby meters can be tailored with differing flow ranges, labeling, cable type, length and connectivity to exactly meet your needs.

Low Cost Turbine Flowmeters

Flow Meter Types: OEM Flowmeter Solutions

Titan prides itself in its ability to produce a flow meter for specific applications whether it is to work with laboratory equipment, a medical sensor or as part of an industrial process plant. Each OEM solution is developed to provide an optimised flow meter specific for the customer and if required branded to their requirements.

Please look out for our next flow meter product-range blog post. We’ll be looking at each of the options in further detail. Please contact us here for flow meter enquiries