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oval gear flow meter

October 2016

High Viscosity Fluid Flow Meters

High Viscosity Fluid Flow Meters. High viscosity liquids pose a problem for many flow meter types, such as the vortex meter discussed in the newsletter. Turbine meters, differential pressure devices and quite frequently velocity measuring devices rely on a minimum liquid speed and consequently are challenged by high viscosity fluids. To use these techniques […]

November 2014

Flow Technology Spotlight: Comparison of oval gear flow meters and standard gear flow meters

Oval Gear Flow Meters Versus Standard Gear Flow Meters
These two types of gear flow meter are superficially the same but operate in very different ways.
Standard Gear Flow Meters (Spur Gear Flow Meters)
A standard gear flow meter usually has a few very large gear teeth which are meshed in a chamber with close clearances on all […]

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