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measuring refrigerant flow

March 2017

Refrigerant Flow Sensors: High Pressure Refrigerant Flow Indicators

Refrigerant Flow Sensors – Measuring Refrigerant Flow
In addition to a wide range of stock flow sensors, Titan Enterprises develop flow meters for specific applications – in this case, refrigerant flow sensors. A new, high pressure version of the Titan 900 Series turbine flow meter is now available for measuring refrigerant flow. The new refrigerant flow […]

January 2015

Low Inertia Flow Meters for Measuring Refrigerant Flow

Measuring Refrigerant Flow: Titan Low Inertia Flow Meters
Titan Enterprises have developed/are now supplying a high pressure version of its 900 Series turbine flow meters for measuring refrigerant flow.

Adapted with steel reinforced polymer components, to give a pressure rating of 40 Bar, the low inertia turbines of the 900 Series flow meters are ideal for […]

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