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August 2015

Turbine Flow Meters: Titan’s Turbines

Turbine Flow Measurement
Titan’s range of turbine flow meters are based upon the Pelton wheel technique – a well proven method & the ideal way of measuring low-flow rates of low-viscosity liquids & fluids. Titan Enterprises sport an array of radial-flow turbine flow meters & offer turbine flow-metering solutions – covering a wide-range of flow […]

July 2014

Versatile, Low-Cost Totalising Flowmeter

Totalising Flowmeter For Almost Any Liquid
Titan Enterprises has announced a new version of its Metra-Sum – a low-cost, battery powered, totalising flowmeter for monitoring the delivery of almost any type of liquid.
Titan Metra-Sum Totalising Flow meter
Titan Enterprises have engineered the Metra-Sum totalising flowmeter to precisely monitor the delivery or dispense of liquids including viscous oils, syrups and non-conducting solvents. […]

April 2013

Combined Flow Sensor & Totaliser for Corrosive Fluids

Titan Enterprises has launched the Metra-Flow OG2 – a new combined flow sensor and battery-powered six-digit flow totaliser for monitoring the delivery of corrosive and/or highly viscous fluids.

With a polycarbonate front cover, wetted parts moulded in polyphenylsulfone (PPS), PEEK, and silicon and spindles in 316 stainless or ceramic the durably constructed Metra-Flow OG2 is […]

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