Titan Work With Market Leaders on Intelligent Domestic Water Leak Detection Device – Waterfall

Working with leading players in the UK water industry, Titan Enterprises has helped develop a next generation device ‘Waterfall’ for smart domestic water leak detection & water management within properties. The aims of this innovative new device are to monitor customer water usage at an individual appliance level, offer the ability to detect leaks / pipe bursts and automatically isolate the supply if a catastrophic event occurs and provide data suitable for operation of smart water networks.

Why is Waterfall ‘Smart Domestic Water Leak Detection’, Different?

The word unique is overused. Yet, with ‘Waterfall – smart domestic water leak detection’ technology, it’s true. The platform combines – for the first time – the capability to uncover powerful real-time data from property water usage events using water signature profiling, with the ability to remotely isolate supplies in the case of a catastrophic burst or water release.

Smart Domestic Water Leak Detection Technology

Many water companies already deploy smart meters. They usually transmit data overnight and need replacing after 15 years. Crucially, consumer buy-in doesn’t happen because contrasting meter and billing information can’t be linked to past events and actions.

Waterfall ‘smart domestic water leak detection’goes way beyond. With no moving parts, it’s designed to last significantly longer. Combining Internet of Things, cloud and machine learning technologies, it not only supplies but also predicts water usage data in real time. And, with a much lower price point compared to GSM data loggers currently used by water companies, it reduces the bottom line.

Waterfall – How It Works

Delivered as an end-to-end turnkey solution, backed by training and support services, Waterfall collects and informs occupants of real-time water usage. Crucially, that extends to flats and shared properties.

waterfall - smart domestic water leak detection

  • Onsite sensor device – collects billing-grade data (like water pressure, temperature and curtesy of Titan Enterprises – flow) and – through machine learning – profiles water usage events and looks for anomalies as early warning of water escapes.
  • Cloud IoT hub – provides property data capture with analysis and modelling at scale, forwarded on to water and insurance companies for further processing.
  • Flexible connectivity – maximises coverage with a full range of networking options.
  • Management tools – with customisable dashboards and open APIs to boost innovation. So, for example, insurers and property managers can integrate back-office systems.
  • Mobile apps – to keep solution installers up-to-date, while putting building occupants in full control of their water consumption. Real-time alerts mean they can remotely shut down the supply at the first sign of water escape.


If you are looking for a smart domestic water leak detection solution then Waterfall presents you with an elegant solution. For organisations looking for state-of-the-art flow metering technology to include in their own water leak detection device please contact neil@flowmeters.co.uk.

Want to learn more about Waterfall?:

Watch the video at: https://www.waterfall-iws.com