High Pressure Refrigerant Flow Meters

New high pressure versions of the 900 Series turbine flow meter has been developed by Titan Enterprises, specifically as refrigerant flow meters. Adapted with steel reinforced polymer components to give a pressure rating of 40 Bar, the low inertia turbines of the 900 Series refrigerant flow meters are ideal for measuring the low viscosities (0.3 to 0.4 centipoises) encountered with volatile refrigerant fluids measured in the liquid form. With careful sensor selection the pressure drop through the 900 Series refrigerant flow meters is low enough to prevent gas break-out and ensure reliable flow measurement.

Measuring Refrigerant Flow

The new refrigerant flow meters are designed to give high performance (+/- 0.1% repeatability) across 6 flow ranges from 0.05 to 15 litres per minute. It’s chemically resistant components make it the ideal choice for the metering of a wide range of fluids from -25°C to +125°C. To ensure the highest degree of inertness to metered fluids the flowmeters polymer components are moulded in an FDA approved grade of PDVF and mounted in a 316 stainless steel body.