At Titan Enterprises we believe in the Atrato family that we have the best small bore ultrasonic system in the world today. The latest addition to this range is the Atrato Metraflow meter which has a PFA tube with sensors attached to the outside of the pipe. This gives an ultra-pure fluid path and there are no disruptions or changes in section making the device ideal for critical material handling. Our current R&D effort is focused on low cost water meters and some derivatives for OEM use. These products will be low cost but the basic technology could be equally transferable to a smart water meter with remote reading and all the other good things that a non-mechanical electronic based device can bring. We have some new ideas for algorithms which will permit us to accurately meter small bore thick wall tubes at pressures up to 1000 Bar. We can already do this but have to compensate for several variables which the new system would make automatic. Clamp-on medical devices that deliver better accuracies that the current ±5% with a limited range is another system we want to perfect as this could be used in laboratories as well. I would like to see most of our mechanical products replaced with ultrasonic devices as I see this as the main future of flow measurement.