Titan Enterprises recently published a blog post that reviews the evolving role of different flow meter technologies in measuring injection additives in petrochemical processes, such as the refining of crude oil and the use of petrochemical flow meters.

Petrochemical Flow Meters

For the successful transportation and refining of crude oils, a whole raft of additives are required and petrochemical flow meters are needed to assist the process. The crude oil petrochemical additives vary from simple surfactants – which reduce surface tension, through to complex blended scale and corrosion inhibitors. All of these additives require accurate monitoring of flow via petrochemical flow meters.

High Pressure Petrochemical Flow Meters

These chemicals are injected in small quantities at high pressure and are critical to the whole refining process. Consequently, careful monitoring of their addition to any process is essential, and often this is best done using petrochemical flow meters. Petrochemical additive injection fluids vary in both viscosity and density, and any petrochemical flow meter installed into a plant should be able to cope with a wide range of physical and chemical properties.

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