Oval Gear Flowmeters: Choosing the Correct Specification

To enable customers to make informed decisions about the flow metering challenges facing their organisations, Titan Enterprises keeps you up-to-date on the latest literature, web, video and social media initiatives from the world of flow metering and flowmeter applications. Oval gear flowmeters are suited to the flow measurement of simple water-like products as well as lubricating fluids – and are supplied in various flavours, such as totally non-metallic wetted components, PEEK™, ceramic and elastomer versions, making Titan oval gear meters a smart choice for the metering of aggressive chemicals.

Oval Gear Flowmeters

Titan Oval Gear Flowmeters: Selection

Oval Gear Flow Measurment: Selection Chart

For many years – Titan Enterprises has invested in development of its range of high performance oval gear flowmeters. To view a selection chart to help you select the optimum oval gear flowmeter for your application please visit our oval gear overview page:

Titan Oval Gear Flowmeters