Titan Water Flowmeters

Titan Enterprises has built and trialed a half inch bore, water flowmeter and achieved an accuracy better than ±2% over a 250:1 flow range using an external power supply. Based upon Atrato ultrasonic flowmeter technology the new device easily satisfies all the required water industry performance standards and fits within the 110mm desirable mounting length. Existing solid state water flowmeter products tend to be complicated, expensive to produce and frequently do not satisfy all of the performance requirements. Atrato’s patented small bore ultrasonic water flowmetering technology offers many benefits for this application including the potential for low power operation, higher flow models and a wide flow range (400:1), consequently Titan are seeking to license the technology to a suitable partner for commercial exploitation.

Note: The world domestic water flowmeter market is estimated to reach over 30 million units this year. The majority of these will be “smart” meters requiring power to operate. The sub-meter and heat transfer markets are reported as being the fastest growth sector.

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