Titan Non-Invasive Flow meter: Product Preview

None-Invasive Flow Meter: The Titan MetraFlow®

MetraFlow® will be a further addition to our expanding ultrasonic flowmeter range available for sale by the third quarter 2017, a non-invasive flow meter .

non-invasive flow meter

The Titan MetraFlow® is a non-invasive flow meter designed for the flow metering of challenging liquids and fluids. The MetraFlow® is chemically resistant, there are no ‘dead’ areas, changes in fluid direction or obstructions and the flow meter is available in 2 versions, each managing different flow ranges.

The MetraFlow® non invasive flow meter utilises Titan’s latest patented technology to give a straight through construction. The flow tube is just that – a chemically resistant PFA (or alternative material) tube onto which are mounted Titan’s ultrasonic sensors. There are no dead areas, changes in fluid direction or obstructions, just a tube. The MetraFlow® non-invasive flow meter uses our highly accurate, ultrasonic time of flight algorithms to give a wide range meter with an unprecedented accuracy of ±1% of reading over the top 50:1 flow range and ±2% from the minimum flow.

There will be two flow ranges 1/8” tube – 10 to 1000ml/min and ¼” tube – 50 to 5000 ml/min. USB interconnectivity makes the meter easy to set-up and use whether it is the digital or analogue outputs being used or both. The local display gives rate and total as well as annunciators for units and time base.

Contact Titan here, for further information regarding the MetraFlow® non-invasive flow meter

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