High reliability, fast response, through-bore ultrasonic flow meter

This unique technology enables Titan’s Atrato® to outperform any other low flow ultrasonic flow meter on the world market today. It is an in-line product with a straight through bore which varies from 1mm (operating from 2ml/min) up to 6mm for the 20 litre per minute model. The wetted components are all selected to offer high chemical resistance and long term meter stability. Each meter has a 200:1 ratio between the minimum and maximum flow with a linearity of ±1.0% over the entire range. This family gives full user control and the ability to alter all of the input and output parameters to suit their application. The meters can be stand alone units or operated with a computer connection and will run quite happily on USB power alone albeit with some output limitations.

Low flow ultrasonic flow meter: FEATURES

• Choice of materials • 200:1 turndown • Remote inputs
• ±1.0% of reading • Rate & total option • Optional seal materials.
• ±0.1% repeatability • Flow switch • Analogue outputs
• 4 Flow ranges • 60°C or 110°C Max • 0-10V or 4-20mA
• USB interface • Pulse output • NPN or PNP
• 10/30 Bar rating • option10-24 Vdc • LCD display
• Choice of end fitting • Non –metallic options • Unit & time enunciators

Low flow ultrasonic flow meter: BENEFITS

• High reliability ultrasonic flow meter
• No moving parts
• Fast response ultrasonic flowmeter
• Through bore design ultrasonic flowmeter
• Time of flight technology ultrasonic flowmeter
• Ease of use

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