Low-Flow Flow Sensors: How do I meter applications with low flows?

Liquid/fluid, low-flow flow sensors, meters and indicators are a challenging application to satisfy. Mechanical flow meters typically cannot extract enough energy to give linear and therefore accurate results. By comparison, electronic flow meters often have problems with sensitivity, zero drift and response times – again ultimately affecting accuracy. Below Titan Enterprises look at technologies proposed for fluid/liquid low-flow flow sensors, their applications and their corresponding pros and cons.

Ultrasonic meters – the perfect low-flow flow sensors?

Ultrasonic flow meters are probably the newest addition to the low flow metering armoury and offer an all-round solution with wide scope.  The principle of ultrasonic flow meters  being ultrasound travelling within the fluid in a small pipe, over a long distance. Over the last 10 years – Titan have developed several generations of ultrasonic low-flow flow sensors based upon a patented time-of-flight design, able to measure the velocity of the fluid within the pipe. The very high signal to noise ratio from these devices has been widely proven to enable metering of extremely low flows with great precision.

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mining flow meters

Titan Enterprises have developed the Atrato ultrasonic flow meter. Perfect as a low-flow flow sensor, the Atrato uses breakthrough, patented design and is manufactured from high quality materials within the UK

For further information on Titan’s latest generation of ultrasonic flowmeters for low flow applications please visit www.flowmeters.co.uk/atrato-ultrasonic-flowmeters/

or Contact Titan Enterprises directly regarding your low-flow measurement requirement

Titan Enterprises supplies innovative flow measurement solutions into a broad range of sectors, including medical, industrial, food & drink, laboratory and pharmaceutical. Its latest innovation, the Atrato flowmeter range, is set to challenge conventional flowmeter thinking the world over.

With over 40 years’ experience in flowmeter innovation and manufacture, Titan Enterprises philosophy of “pushing the envelope by trying to do things a little different and better” has resulted in sales of over 500,000 products into 40 countries worldwide and a repeat purchase rate of 95%.