Titan Enterprises offers an informed insight on flow meter installation

How often have you purchased a flow meter that seems perfect for your application only to be disillusioned by unclear or over-complex installation procedures? Titan Enterprises offer an informed insight on…

5 Things To Watch Out For During Flow meter Installation & Commissioning

Your flow meter is not working. What simple checks should you carry out before you call the manufacturer for advice?

When checking an installed flow meter always start with the basics.

  1. Is the associated instrumentation compatible with your flow meter output?

    (Pulse or analogue? Voltage or current? PNP or NPN? Frequency range?)
    Though these problems should have been resolved before the flow meter equipment was commissioned, all these incompatibility issues are frequently found causes for a flow meter not working.

  2. Is your flow meter installed the correct way round?

    With several meter types this may not be an issue but more often than not a flow meter has a preferred direction. If you are using a bi-directional flow meter check that the quadrature output or reverse flow flag are correctly commissioned.

  3. Is your flow meter wiring correct?

    Check and double check the connections. If this is your problem a simple 2 minute reconnection can have your system up and running again.

  4. Was the line and your working environment clean during installation?

    Cleanliness during flow meter installation is important with any mechanical meter and an awful
    lot of processes. Debris inadvertently introduced during installation is a common cause for premature meter failure.

  5. Are you operating within the flow range of your meter?

    Just because your application uses a 25mm pipe it does not mean you will require a 25mm flowmeter. Titan Enterprises make flow meters to suit the flow not the pipe diameter.