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Large 40 –900mm Pipe Flow Measurement: Insertion Turbine Flow Meters

Flow Meters for Large Pipes

pipe flow meters & insertion flow meters

Pipe Flow Meters: Insertion Turbine Flowmeters are the ideal flow meter for large pipes

This innovative, robust insertion turbine flow meter combines proven technology with modern materials and design and is the ideal flow meter for large pipes. The PVDF turbine rotates freely on a 316 St St shaft and has specially aerofoil shaped blades to extend the dynamic range of the meter. The specially contoured housing further improves the meters linearity particularly at lower fluid velocities. Each insertion flow meter contains two sensors, one self powered for our battery operated equipment and the other an open collector transistor.

A reed switch may be specified for hazardous areas where simple apparatus is acceptable. The insertion flow meter body is manufactured from AISI316 stainless steel and as standard is supplied with 1.5M of five core screened instrument cable. The Metra-Count, Metra-Smart and Metra-Batch devices can all be mounted directly onto the insertion flow meter (via a mounting stalk) and all of these can be self powered with the exception of Metra-Batch which requires an external power source.

Large 40 –900mm Pipe Flow Measurement: Insertion Turbine Flow Meter Features

Flow Meters for Large 40 –900mm Pipes

These insertion turbines provide a cost effective and simple means to measure the flow of a wide range of low viscosity liquids. Installation is quick and inexpensive in pipes from 40 mm diameter up to 900 mm diameter. For rate and total applications a self powered instrument can be mounted directly onto the meter for a standalone measurement. Other instruments permit high and low flow alarms, 4-20 mA loops or even batching functions, these all require external power. The meter requires at least ten pipe diameters of straight pipe upstream and five downstream to ensure a fully developed flow profile and accurate measurements. Large disturbances may require greater straight lengths.

  • Large 40 –900mm pipe flow meters
  • Economical
  • For 40 –900mm pipes
  • 0.3 to 10 M/S velocity
  • Linearity 1.5% typical
  • 316 St St body
  • Dual sensing
  • Low installation cost
  • Pulse output
  • 80 Bar rating
  • Viton® seal
  • 1½” fitting
  • 1% Repeatability
  • IP68 (NEMA 6)
  • 100°C standard
  • Simple apparatus option
  • IS option for hazardous areas
  • Bi-directional large pipe flow measurement

The Titan insertion turbine flow meter is Ideal for:

  • Large pipe flow measurement
  • HVAC
  • Water distribution
  • Boiler feed
  • Irrigation

Large Pipe Flow Measurement: Insertion turbine: Specification

Flow Meters for Large Pipes

  • Large Pipe flowmeter sizes: 40 to 900 mm
  • Velocity range: 0.3 to 10M/Sec
  • Fitting size: 1½” BSPT or NPT
  • Linearity: ± 1.5 % typically
  • Repeatability: ± 1.0 % typically
  • Pressure: 80 Bar Maximum
  • Temperature: -40°C to +100°C, Optional: 200°C
  • Body material: 316 Stainless steel
  • Rotor material: PVDF
  • Bearing: 316 Stainless Steel shaft
  • Spindle: Tungsten carbide
  • ‘O’ ringv Viton™
  • Outputs: Open collector pulse, 1.5V X 10?S pulse, Reed switch (optional)
  • Frequency: 230 Hz @ 10 M/Sec, 77 Hz with reed switch
  • Cable: 1.5m X 5 core screened
  • Protection: IP68
  • Options: Mounted instruments, 200°C sensor, Reed switch sensor, Conduit entry
  • Weight: 1.30kg (model 400-003)

Large Pipe Flow Measurement: Insertion turbine: Standard Materials of construction

  • Body – 316 St St
  • ‘O’ Ring seal – Viton
  • Spindle – 316 stainless steel
  • Rotor – PVDF
  • Fitting – 1½” Thread
  • Rotor materials – PVDF rotor with 316 stainless steel shaft

flow meters for pipes - insertion turbine flow meters

Insertion Turbine – Dimensions. Flow Meters for Large 40 –900mm Pipes


Large Pipe Flow Measurement: Insertion Turbine Flow Meters

Flow Meters for Large 40 –900mm Pipes

Pipe I/D (#40)mmSchedule 40 Pipe (#40)Schedule 80 Pipe (#80)
1 1/2″  40.9
2″        52.6
2.5″     62.7
3″        78.0
4″       102.0

Flow Rate Totaliser Instrumentation – Specifically Designed for the Titan Insertion Flow Meter

Instrumentation for the display of information from the Titan Insertion Flow Sensor
(flow metering of large diameter pipes)


  • Self or external powered, 7 digit LCD display
  • Scaled pulse, 4-20mA Output,
  • High and low-flow alarms
  • Simple flow chart touch key programming
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Non-volatile memory, Long battery life
  • Bright LED back-light
totaliser for insertion flow meter for large pipes

Insertion flow meter totaliser for the flow metering of large pipes

This information relates to the Display fitted Titan Insertion Turbine, reference Part. No. 400-003-DISP. This display is directly mounted to the Insertion Turbine via a stem adapter.
The LCD display FRT is a fully programmable self-powered flow-rate totaliser specifically designed for computing and displaying flow rates and totals from flow meters with pulse, sine wave or frequency outputs.

The instrument displays accumulated total and instantaneous flow rate in engineering units as programmed by the user.


7 digits flow rate, total, accumulated total, alarm values and preset

Non-volatile backup of all settings. Backup of running totals every minute.
Data retention at least 10 years.

Temperature Range:
-20°C to + 60°C (-4°F to +140°F)

Signal Input:
Coil / sine wave (sensitivity: 80mVpp), NPN, PNP, Reed Switch, Namur

Rate Output:
4 – 20mA output proportional to flowrate and scaled pulse output

Battery Power:
1 x 3.6V AA Lithium battery – life-time depends upon settings and configuration
– up to approx. 2 years.

External Power:
10 – 30V DC. Standard consumption: Pmax 60mW. with backlight: Pmax 435mW

Configuration settings can be pin code protected

Protection Class:
GRP, IP65 (Type 4), UV-resistant and flame retardant

K-factor Range:
0.000010 ~ 9,999,999 with variable decimal position

Engineering Units:
L, m3, US gal, igal, Oil bbl, kg, lb. or none
(for 00 option are also available: mL, g, ton, cf)

Brochure Insertion Turbine Flowmeter 11 18

Flow Rate Totaliser 01 20

Instructiona Insertion Turbine 11 18

Pipe Flow Measurement: Insertion Turbine Flow Meters: Order Codes

flow meters for pipe flow measurement

Flow Meters For Pipe Flow Measurement: Insertion Turbine Meters

BSPT mount
BSPT reed switch
NPT mount
Mounting stalk

For local instrument mounting

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