Titan’s 900 & 1000 Range High Performance Turbine Flow Meters

The 900 and 1000 series ‘high performance turbine flow meters‘ are designed to give high performance and competitive pricing with 7 flow ranges from 0.05 to 30 litres per minute. Its choice of body materials makes this the ideal choice for the metering of aggressive chemicals, including ultra-pure water. The standard inlets of the 900/1000 series high performance turbine flow meters are ¼” and ½“ BSPF although for OEM use alternatives are available. The bearings are made of sapphire for long life and reliability, the body is either PVDF or 316 stainless steel and as standard the ‘O’ ring seal is Viton™. Dual pulse outputs are available to give both PNP and NPN pulses for greater interface flexibility.

High Performance Turbine Flow Meters: BENEFITS

  • High reliability
  • Long service life
  • Cost effective
  • Easily serviced
  • Low pressure drop
  • Can be tailored to suit

High Performance Turbine Flow Meters: FEATURES

• Hall effect sensor • Non-metallic option • Rugged construction
• Up to ±1.0% FSD • OEM possibilities • Optional seal materials
• ±0.1% repeatability • Compact assembly • ¼” or ½” threads
• 5 Flow ranges • 125°C Max • 700mB max press loss
• Traceable calibration • Pulse output • PVDF body option
• 10 Bar rating • 5 -24 Vdc

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