Titan Enterprises Ltd are a genuine UK based manufacturer of high quality flow sensors

Titan manufacture oval gear flow sensors, turbine flow sensors, ultrasonic flow sensors & bespoke design for specific flow measurement solutions. Here’s a taste of our latest flow sensor systems, products and updates.

Coffee Flow Sensors – Beverage Sensors For Coffee Machines

Titan were recently approached and asked if we could make $1 coffee flow sensors for use in coffee dispensing machines – which would be more reliable than the current $1 turbine coffee flow sensors. Leveraging technological innovations detailed in one of our recent ultrasonic flowmeter patent applications we produced a flow metering system that used the already on-board microprocessor and it performed very well for the top half of the water storage. The first 4 or 5 cups were at acceptable volumes but as the water in the reservoir reduced the performance became unacceptable.

coffee flow meters

Coffee Flow Meters

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Coriolis Flow Sensors – Accurate Flow Meters

Coriolis flow sensors are one of the most, if not the most, accurate flow sensors on the market, but how is this achieved? They are used in critical situations such as custody transfer as well as general process control. The operating principle of Coriolis flow sensors is extremely simple, subject a moving flow to a force at ninety degrees to its path of movement and it will be deflected. This deflection will be proportional to the mass and velocity of the flow movement. If the moving flow is fluid inside a pipe you will be able to determine the mass flow rate of that fluid. Unfortunately the problem comes with how to make practical & accurate Coriolis meters based upon this principle.

Accurate Coriolis Flow Meters

Coriolis Flow Sensors – With flow upstream and downstream arms show differential movement.

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Low Flow Rate Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Sensor – a Novel Approach

Across the industrialised world there is an increase in demand for liquid flow sensor systems operating at low flow rates. The range of applications that might benefit from such systems is very wide and includes offshore, industrial, medical, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and laboratories. The requirements on flow meters to fulfil these applications are also becoming more demanding. An ideal flow meter might have through flow design with minimum pressure drop and improved accuracy as well as offering operation at higher pressures / temperatures and across wide flow ranges with greater accuracy. A meter which can be easily cleaned either chemically or with a “pig” and be able to operate over a wide range of Reynolds numbers would be a great advantage.

Flow Metering Batches of Liquid & Fluids

Flow Metering Batches of
Liquid & Fluids

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Farming Flow Sensors: Semi-automated additive applicators for silage

Bespoke farming flow sensors are becoming commonplace in modern agriculture. The addition of a preservative to forage crops is a common practice to prevent degradation but also to improve palatability for the animals that feed on them. Historically aggressive chemicals were added in fairly high volumes requiring very large fluid tanks or frequent refilling during harvesting. Modern silage additives tend to be applied at ever lower levels but must be applied at a rate which very accurately matches the harvesting yield and conditions. To achieve successful results it is important the additive is applied at the correct dosing level. Too little and the desired result is not achieved, too much and expensive product is wasted.

farming flow meters & system

Farming Flow Meters from Titan Enterprises

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Metering Batches of Liquid & Fluids: Flow Sensor Design

Flow metering batches of liquid & fluid is a very simple thing to do… or is it? Typically metering fixed volumes of liquid into a process e.g. adding water to a mixer for food production is easy. It requires that you put a flow sensor in the product line, connect it to an instrument, control the measurement with on-board software, wire in a valve, enter your required volume and press a button and wait for your vessel to have the right amount of liquid added. With all these steps in the process a lot of problems can occur along the way and needless to say not that easy. The following points must be considered when designing and commissioning the flow system set-up.

Ffow metering batches of liquid diagram

Flow sensoring batches of liquid

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Using Data Matrix bar codes to carry calibration information on flow sensors

One of the challenges of supplying thousands of flow meters a year is the storage and accessibility of the calibration information. Not a week goes by without a customer requesting a lost calibration certificate or in one case 300 lost calibration certificates ! To facilitate easy response to these calibration certificate losses – Titan has traditionally stored all flowmeter calibration certificates as pdf’s.


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Process Atrato: Ultrasonic Flow Sensor for Process & Control

The compact Process Atrato Ultrasonic flow sensor combines all the technological advantages of market-leading Atrato ultrasonic technology (high linearity, high sensitivity, wide flow range linearity, no moving parts, fast response time, can be installed anywhere) with a new durable construction. Built from 316 stainless steel and PEEK – the Process Atrato is supplied sealed to the IP65 standard.  The combination of durable housing and top performance, in a very reliable flow sensor, delivers a new tool for engineers at a reduced cost of ownership compared to existing flow measurement technologies serving the process and control market.

Atrato Process

Titan Enterprises announces the Process Atrato – a new low volume, high performance ultrasonic flow sensor packaged to address the challenges of the process and control environment.

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