Flow Metering the flow of highly alkaline fluids

When approaching the area of flow measurement which handles flow meters for alkaline fluids, high pH liquids present unusual flow metering challenges. Generally, such fluids are incompatible with metals, with polymer material construction being the most popular material in use with flow meters for alkaline fluids – even though their use can present interesting mechanical considerations.

So when looking at flow meters for alkaline fluids, careful selection should ensure that the polymer the flow meter is constructed from is strong enough to take the pressure  – and temperature requirements of the manufacturing process under question. You should also select a flow meter that is able to maintain its accuracy over the whole operational flow range.

Titan Enterprises has developed several good approaches for metering high pH fluids and are able to supply flow meters for alkaline fluids & liquids. For applications requiring just moderate accuracy the Titan 800 series turbine flow meters, which are manufactured in polypropylene with encapsulated magnets, will measure high pH fluid flows from 0.05 to 15 L/min with an accuracy of ±1.5% FSD.  If greater accuracy is required the totally non-metallic construction of the Titan Atrato Ultrasonic flowmeter will measure high pH fluid flows with a 200:1 turndown within ±1.0% of reading.