Flow Meter Exports: Titan Report Growth

Titan Enterprises has reported a doubling of the number of flow meters sold to export markets during its last financial year. During the year – Titan saw record production of over 45,000 flow meter exports achieved to 34 countries worldwide. Notable growth was seen in sales of the company’s innovative Atrato ultrasonic flow meter as well as its popular Oval Gear Flow Meters (OG) and 1000 Series turbine flow meter ranges. With flow measurement solutions being supplied to a broad range of market sectors including medical, chemical, petrochemical, food and drink, laboratory and pharmaceutical – Titan Enterprises reported biggest growth in demand from China, Denmark, Ireland, Singapore and the USA.

900/1000 Series Turbine Flow Meter Exports

high performance turbine flow meters

high performance turbine flow meters from Titan

900/1000 Series Radial Flow Turbine Flow Meter Exports

multi range turbine flow meters

Titan Multi Range Turbine Flow Meters

800 Series Turbine Flow Meter Exports

low cost flow measurement turbine meters

800 Series Turbine Meters: Low Cost Flow Measurement