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Metra Batch:  Batch Controller for Flow Meters

Titan Flow Meter Batch Control

The Metra-batch is a batch controller for flow meters, and was specifically designed for flowmeters or machinery with pulse or frequency outputs. It has a two stage batching facility with selectable automatic over-run compensation as well as safety features to prevent erroneous dispense with a faulty system. Batching can be set to either count up from zero or down from the batch quantity as well as programmed for local, remote, automatic or manual start. Simple PIN protected flow chart programming with English prompts guide you through the entire set up routine greatly reducing the need to refer to the instruction manual. Several Metra-Batch units may be used in conjunction with each other with lock out and networking enunciation giving the user full operating data. The robust housing is purposed designed to suit harsh indoor & outdoor industrial environments. It is weatherproof to P67 (Nema 4X) standards, UV resistant and uses glass reinforced nylon mouldings with stainless steel screws & Viton® 0-ring seals.

batch controller for flow meters

Batch Contoller for Flow Meters – Titan Metra Batch, With Batch Panel

Titan Flowmeters: Metra batch – batch controller for flow meters

  • High speed count
  • Two stage control
  • Automatic overrun compensation
  • Simple programming with English prompts
  • IP66/IP67 (Nema 4X)
  • Remote start/stop facility
  • Non-volatile memory
  • 8 Digit rate display
  • 12-24V dc operation
  • Mains operation with 380-102PM
  • Batch total
  • Accumulated total
  • Number of batches total
  • Networking facility
  • Clear 9mm 'starburst' LCD display
  • Maximum dispense setting
  • Received pulse time out

The Titan Metra Batch Flow Meter Batch Controller is Ideal for

  • Bottle filling
  • Recipe blending
  • Any batch process

Titan Flowmeters: Metra batch – batch controller for flow meters: Specification


LCD 8 digit alpha-numeric 9mm high Engineering units & mode indicators 3 programmable decimal points for both totalisers English programming prompts

Signal inputs

Universal pulse-frequency input compatible with reed switch, Hall Effect detector, magnetic coil (20mV P-P), Voltage pulse & Namur proximity detectors. Maximum input frequency 500 to 5Khz depending on sensor type, minimum 0.2Hz.


Internal 3.6V dc Ultra battery. Life expectancy 5 – 7 years (less with the coil input). An external power supply (8-24Vdc regulated) must be used.

Control output

Two selectable NPN or PNP field effect transistors 1A maximum.


IP66 (NEMA 4X) High impact glass reinforced nylon. Self drill cable gland in the base or rear. Operating temperature range – 20°C to +80°C.

Batch Controller

0.400 kg

Panel Mount

0.800 kg

K Factor range

0.001 to 9,999,999.999

batch controller for flow meters

Flow Meter Batch Controller

The drawing below shows all of the segments on the Metra-Batch LCD display illuminated.
flow meter batch controller

Flow Meter Batch Controller Display

This occurs for five seconds whenever the program mode is entered.

Titan Flowmeters: Metra batch – batch controller for flow meters – simple programming

Program mode entered: Display self tests
Enter PIN number: XXXX
Change PIN number Y/N: Incorrect PIN number permits viewing of the program data only
Reset ACCUM total: Y/N
Set engineering units: Ltr, gal, M3, lbs, kgs or none
Enter pulses per unit volume: E.g. 20.465 Pulses per litre etc.
Set decimal point Dpt TOTAL | Dpt ACCUM TOTAL: 0 0.0 0.00 0.000 | 0 0.0 0.00 0.000
Set count direction: Count DN/up
Start delay relay 2: 000 – 999 seconds
Pre stop valve – relay 2: 000 – 999 seconds
Automatic overrun compensation: Y/n
Set missing pulse time out: 00 – 99 seconds
Set batch limit: xxxxxxxx

Titan Flowmeters: Metra batch – batch controller for flow meters – simple batch operating procedure

Enter batch quantity xxxxxxxx
Press RUN……to pause press STOP
to abort press RESET
to resume press RUN
End of batch

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Metra Batch: Batch Controller for Flow Meters

batch controller for flow meters

Metra Batch: Titan’s Batch Contoller for Flow Meters

Metra Batch : Batch Controller for Flow Meters: Order Codes

Metra-batch: 380-102
Wall bracket: 380-103
Metra-batch panel mount: 380-102-PM

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