Ruggedly constructed to provide years of trouble-free operation, the Titan Metra Batch – flow controller instrument is proven to deliver precise control of batch dispensing, blending and bottle/tank filling. This high quality flow measurement instrument is suitable for beverages, chemicals, food ingredients, fuels and solvents. The Titan Metra-Batch flow controller instrument is designed for managing flow meters or machinery with pulse or frequency outputs.

The versatile flow controller instrument can be configured as a plant or panel mounted unit offering 2-stage batch control, automatic over-run compensation as well as safety features to prevent flow controller instrumenterroneous dispensing when a fault occurs. The 8-digit batch display is selectable to count either up or down in engineering units, or can show the current flow rate or total product consumption on a password protected accumulator as well as the number of batches delivered.

The Metra Batch flow controller instrument can transmit totaliser and rate of flow data for remote monitoring. Simple ‘PIN-protected flow-chart programming with English prompts’ guide the user through the entire setup routine of the flow controller instrument. Multiple units may be used in conjunction with each other with lock out and networking enunciation giving the user full operating data. Designed to P67 (NEMA 4X) standards the Metra-Batch housing is purpose designed to suit harsh industrial environments.

For further information on the new 2017 version of the Metra-Batch flow controller instrument

Summary: Metra batch – Flow Controller Instrument for Flow Meters

  • High speed count
  • Two stage control
  • Automatic overrun compensation
  • Simple programming with
  • English prompts
  • IP67 (Nema 4X)
  • Remote start/stop facility
  • Non-volatile memory
  • 8 Digit rate display
  • 12-24V dc operation
  • Batch total
  • Accumulated total
  • Number of batches total
  • Networking facility
  • Clear 9mm “starburst” LCD display
  • Maximum dispense setting
  • Received pulse time out

The Titan Metra Batch Flow Meter Batch Controller is Ideal for

  • Bottle filling
  • Recipe blending
  • Any batch process