FT2 Multi Range Turbine Flow Meters

These radial flow, multi range turbine flow meters use a low inertia turbine supported on robust sapphire bearings in a chemically resistant housing. 9 flow ranges (0.02 to 160 litres per minute), a choice of “plug in” fittings and individual traceable calibration make this meter one of the most flexible available. For OEM applications the fittings can be tailored to suit the installation and speed production. Custom leads or connectors are also available for quantity orders. Two sensor types are available. Optical for greatest flow range and accuracy and Hall effect for high reliability and opaque fluids.

FT2 Multi Range Turbine Flow Meters: BENEFITS

  • High reliability
  • Long service life
  • Cost effective
  • Easily serviced
  • Low pressure drop
  • Can be tailored to suit

FT2 Multi Range Turbine Flow Meters FEATURES

• Choice of sensor • Non-metallic option • Rugged construction
• up to ±1.0% FSD • OEM possibilities • Optional seal materials.
• ±0.1% repeatability • Compact assembly • Threaded or hose
• 10 Flow ranges • 125°C Max • 700mB max press loss
• Traceable calibration • Pulse output • Choice of end fitting
• 10 Bar rating • 5 or 7-24 Vdc • IP67 NEMA 4

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