Coffee Machine Ultrasonic Flow Measurement

Titan were recently approached and asked if we could make a $1 coffee flow meters for use in coffee dispensing machines – which would be more reliable than the current $1 turbine coffee flow meters. Leveraging technological innovations detailed in one of our recent ultrasonic flowmeter patent applications we produced a flow metering system that used the already on-board microprocessor and it performed very well for the top half of the water storage. The first 4 or 5 cups were at acceptable volumes but as the water in the reservoir reduced the performance became unacceptable. SeeFigure 1.

coffee flow meters

Coffee Flow Meters

Unfortunately as this was a traditional filter coffee machine powered by boiling water we had difficulties with lower pressure heads and gas break-out which is a problem with all ultrasonic flow meters. However drawing upon our knowledge of turbine flow meters we were able to identify for the customer the actual fluid movement within their pipes which helped to explain some of the anomalies they had been experiencing with their $1 turbine. Figure 2 below clearly shows both forward and reverse flow as the flash boiler charges and discharges. The turbine flow remains positive due to the inertia in the turbine whilst the actual flow shows reversals as seen by the ultrasonic flow signal from the inherently bi-directional meter.

Figure 2 blue line is the turbine frequency, yellow line ultrasonic flow meter reading.

flow meters for coffee machines

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