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ultrasonic flow sensors

November 2020

Ultra Clean PFA Flow Meter – Titan METRAFLOW

PFA Flow meter for Flow Metering Applications Requiring a High Degree of Cleanliness
The Metraflow ultrasonic PFA flow meter from Titan Enterprises offers an ideal solution for flow monitoring applications requiring a high degree of cleanliness such as are found in the pharmaceutical, medical, semiconductor and ultra-pure water markets.

Typically production processes in these markets require […]

July 2017

High Specification Ultrasonic Flow Sensors

Titan’s High Specification Ultrasonic Flow Sensor Range
Titan Enterprises reports on strong sales, excellent customer feedback and new developments for its Atrato range of low-flow high specification ultrasonic flow sensors.

Managing Director – Trevor Forster commented “We now have several thousand Atrato units in use by customers worldwide ranging from sample-sensitive medical and pharmaceutical use right through […]

May 2016

Coffee Flow Meters – Beverage Meters For Coffee Machines

Coffee Machine Ultrasonic Flow Measurement
Titan were recently approached and asked if we could make a $1 coffee flow meters for use in coffee dispensing machines – which would be more reliable than the current $1 turbine coffee flow meters. Leveraging technological innovations detailed in one of our recent ultrasonic flowmeter patent applications we produced […]

February 2016

Recording on the Atrato Ultrasonic Flow Sensor Data

Data Recording Flow Sensors at Titan
A new data recording version of its Atrato ultrasonic flow sensor software interface has been developed by Titan Enterprises. Easy to set-up and use, the Atrato flow recorder enables data recording via an external computer. With features that provide monitoring, reporting and management of flow data – the Atrato flow recorder […]

Ultrasonic Flow Sensors & Meters

Summarising a series of blogs discussing standard and bespoke versions of our Atrato ultrasonic flow sensors/meters, Titan Enterprises cover the broad spectrum of ultrasonic flow measurement:
Ultrasonic Flow Sensors & Flow Measurement

Atrato Ultrasonic Flow Sensors: Data
Atrato Ultrasonic Flow Sensors: DATA The Titan range of Atrato ultrasonic flow meters uses patented technology that enables our ultrasonic flow meters to […]

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