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Ultrasonic Flow Meter Systems

December 2015

atrato ultrasonic flow meters

Atrato Ultrasonic Flow Meters: DATA
The Titan range of Atrato ultrasonic flow meters uses patented technology that enables our ultrasonic flow meters to operate over very wide flow ranges with excellent accuracy over the whole span. The device is a true inline meter with a direct flow path. The housing is robust and compact with full […]

March 2015

Bespoke Atrato Ultrasonic Flow Meter System Design, by Titan Enterprises

Purpose Built Ultrasonic Flow Meter System, For Your Application…
A long established OEM customer was having difficulties with a new chemical they were required to design their equipment to operate with. This chemical seriously attenuated the ultrasound passing through the fluid within the Atrato ultrasonic meter. The resulting, much reduced, signal amplitude proved challenging for even […]

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