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turbine flowmeters

October 2021

Chemotherapy Patients Benefit from Optimum Coolant Flow During Treatment


Titan Enterprises celebrates over 10 years of partnership development with Paxman Coolers Ltd (www.paxmanscalpcooling.com) as the company reports over 4,000 Paxman scalp-cooling systems are now installed around the world, reducing the likelihood of chemotherapy-induced alopecia.

An Innovative Combination

Paxman’s innovative liquid-based cooling system utilises Titan’s mini turbine flowmeters to monitor the rate of coolant flow around […]

January 2019

Turbine Flowmeters – Avoiding the Pitfalls

Small turbine flowmeters are adaptable devices that Titan has successfully employed for a wide range of laboratory dispensing applications.

Turbine flowmeters offer the high level of repeatability and dependability required for accurate laboratory batch delivery systems. Assuring the linearity of these low cost small flow devices should however be carefully considered. Turbine flowmeters are intrinsically […]

May 2018

Measuring the Flow of Low Viscosity Fluids & Liquids

Based on a radial flow technique, Titan Enterprises turbine flowmeter range provides the ideal way for accurately measuring the flow of low viscosity fluids & liquids.

Classic turbine flowmeters use propeller type turbines in a closed circular conduit. The turbine is mounted on low friction bearings and its rotation is detected through the chamber wall by […]

January 2017

Flowmeters for Critical Applications

Titan Enterprises is a leading manufacturer of off-the-shelf meters or fully bespoke OEM flow systems for challenging applications in a broad range of sectors, including automotive, food and drink, industrial, laboratory, medical, petrochemical and pharmaceuticals. All flowmeters produced by Titan are designed and manufactured to ISO9001 and calibrated to an uncertainty of ±0.25%. We […]

March 2015

High Performance Turbine Flow meters: High Reliability Turbine Flowmeters

Titan’s 900 & 1000 Range High Performance Turbine Flow Meters
The 900 and 1000 series ‘high performance turbine flow meters’ are designed to give high performance and competitive pricing with 7 flow ranges from 0.05 to 30 litres per minute. Its choice of body materials makes this the ideal choice for the metering of aggressive […]

The Flexible Turbine Flow Meter: Titan FT2 Range of Radial, Multi Range Turbine Flow meters

FT2 Multi Range Turbine Flow Meters
These radial flow, multi range turbine flow meters use a low inertia turbine supported on robust sapphire bearings in a chemically resistant housing. 9 flow ranges (0.02 to 160 litres per minute), a choice of “plug in” fittings and individual traceable calibration make this meter one of the most […]

February 2015

Titan Enterprises Ltd – Flow Meter Types: Product Range Overview

Flow Meter Types: Atrato Ultrasonic Flowmeters
Utilising patented technology that enables it to operate with excellent accuracy over very wide flow ranges, the Atrato inline ultrasonic flow meters are a genuine breakthrough in flowmeter technology. Its rugged, clean bore construction makes the Atrato ideal for a whole range of low flow applications. Titan is designing an ever expanding range of Atrato products, […]

January 2015

Titan Pre-Scaler Enables Turbine Flowmeter Commissioning Without Recalibration:

Pre-Scaler For Titan 800, 900 & 1000 Series Turbine Flowmeters
Titan Enterprises announces that its popular 800, 900 and 1000 series turbine flowmeters can now be fitted with a pre-scaler which is programmable to suit customer requirements.
Pre-Scaler Adapted Turbine Flowmeters
This new flowmeter mounted electronic package gives a scaled frequency output proportional to flow. The pre-scaler […]

September 2014

Measuring low flows with a radial flow turbine flow meter

Titan Enterprises first radial flow turbine flow meter was introduced in 1981. Derivatives of this meter are still in production and being used for a wide range of applications.
Turbine Flowmeters: Axial flow and Radial Flow (Pelton Wheel) flowmeters
Axial Turbine Flowmeters
The two main types of low flow turbine flowmeter types are known as axial and […]

April 2014

Inert Low-Cost Flow Turbine Meter, for OEM Applications

Cost Effective Flow Measurement – the Flow Turbine Meter
Titan Enterprises has introduced its third generation 800 Series flow turbine meter range. The new 800 Series turbine flow meters incorporate a wide range of developments further enhancing long-term, high performance operation for OEM flowmeter customers in drink dispensing, laboratory testing, cooling, pharmaceutical, medical and semiconductor […]

Consider The Total Life Cost Of A Flowmeter.

Total life cost of a flowmeter
Initial purchase price is only one aspect of the costs of running a flowmeter. A simple turbine flowmeter will be inexpensive to purchase and install but the true costs may need to be considered over several years of operation. How often will your production line have to be down […]

February 2014

Turbine Flowmeters – Low Cost Inert flow meters for OEM Applications

800 Series Turbine Flowmeters
Titan Enterprises announces its third generation 800 Series turbine flowmeter range. The new 800 Series turbine flow meters incorporate a wide range of developments further enhancing long-term, high performance operation for OEM turbine flowmeter customers in drink dispensing, laboratory testing, cooling, pharmaceutical, medical and semiconductor applications.

The competitively priced 800 series turbine flow meter is designed to give high performance (+/- […]

December 2013

Small Bore Flow Meters – Selecting Liquid Flowmeters Below Half Inch (1/2 in) Bore

1. An illustrated guide to identifying the ideal small bore liquid flowmeter
A Technical Briefing for designers, specifiers and users of flow measurement.
Produced by Titan Enterprises Ltd

Introduction: 2
Small Bore Flow Meters: Performance Charts: 3
Ultrasonic Flowmeters: 4
Variable Area Flowmeters: 5
Turbine Flowmeters: 6
Pelton Wheel (radial flow turbine) Flowmeters: 7
Positive Displacement Flow Meters: 8
Electromagnetic Flowmeters: 9
Thermal Flowmeters: 10
Fluidic […]

Tips for Selecting a Flowmeter

Drawing upon over 40 years of experience, Trevor Foster – an internationally recognised authority in flow meter technology and applications offers sound, non-commercial advice on what to consider when selecting, implementing and maintaining a flowmeter system.
1. Consider why you might need a flow meter.
Common applications for a flowmeter might be monitoring the amount of […]

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