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October 2021

Chemotherapy Patients Benefit from Optimum Coolant Flow During Treatment


Titan Enterprises celebrates over 10 years of partnership development with Paxman Coolers Ltd (www.paxmanscalpcooling.com) as the company reports over 4,000 Paxman scalp-cooling systems are now installed around the world, reducing the likelihood of chemotherapy-induced alopecia.

An Innovative Combination

Paxman’s innovative liquid-based cooling system utilises Titan’s mini turbine flowmeters to monitor the rate of coolant flow around […]

January 2017

Flowmeters for Critical Applications

Titan Enterprises is a leading manufacturer of off-the-shelf meters or fully bespoke OEM flow systems for challenging applications in a broad range of sectors, including automotive, food and drink, industrial, laboratory, medical, petrochemical and pharmaceuticals. All flowmeters produced by Titan are designed and manufactured to ISO9001 and calibrated to an uncertainty of ±0.25%. We […]

December 2016

Thermal Flow Meters – Flow Measurement Technology Spotlight

Titan Discuss Thermal Flow Meters
Hot-wire-anemometers are early examples of thermal flow meters. These were useful but delicate devices that were often used to roughly measure the air velocity in ventilation ducts.

Today modern thermal flow meters are very useful tools for measuring both large gas flows and micro-flows of liquids and gases. There are numerous […]

October 2016

Flow Meter Vortex Shedding : The Karman Vortex Street Effect

Titan Discuss Flow Meter Vortex Shedding
If you place an obstruction (such as a bluff body) in a fluid stream vortices will be formed downstream of the impediment. If the arrangement is symmetrical the swirls will be shed from alternate sides of the obstruction. The frequency of the vortices will be directly proportional to the […]

High Viscosity Fluid Flow Meters

High Viscosity Fluid Flow Meters. High viscosity liquids pose a problem for many flow meter types, such as the vortex meter discussed in the newsletter. Turbine meters, differential pressure devices and quite frequently velocity measuring devices rely on a minimum liquid speed and consequently are challenged by high viscosity fluids. To use these techniques […]

September 2016

Viscous Fluid Flow Meters: The Titan Oval Gear (OG-2) 700 Bar Flowmeter

Titan Viscous Fluid/Liquid Flow Meters
Built for metering viscous fluids and liquids, such as hydraulic oils used in heavy machinery, at pressures of up to 700 bar and temperatures up to 150°C, the Titan OG-2 700 bar ‘viscous fluid flow meters’ are designed to be fully IP67 / NEMA 4 compliant. With a standard flow […]

Reliable Beverage Dispensing Flow Meters, Titan Flow Measurement Solutions

Titan Enterprises offer a range of drink dispensing flow meters, designed specifically for applications including beer, wines, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages.
Beverage Dispensing Flow Meters
Based upon a unique Pelton wheel based flowmeter design, the Titan Enterprises beverage dispensing flow meter is inherently reliable and proven in tens of thousands of installations around
the world. Constructed from totally […]

Critical Flow Measurements: High Accuracy Flow Meters by Titan

Critical Flow Measurements
For critical flow measurements – Titan Enterprises Ltd. has established a itself as a leading manufacturer of off-the-shelf meters or fully bespoke OEM flow systems for challenging applications.

Drawing upon over 40-years experience of flowmeter innovation, Titan Enterprises is able to today supply innovative flow measurement solutions into a broad range of sectors, […]

August 2016

Medical Flowmeters: Chemotherapy Flow Meter Integration

Medical Flowmeters: Ensuring Optimum Coolant Flow during Chemotherapy Treatment
This article focuses on medical flowmeters, and Titan Enterprises reports on how Paxman Coolers Ltd (www.paxmanscalpcooling.com) has enhanced their innovative Scalp Cooling System for chemotherapy treatment through integration of Titan 800-Series medical flowmeters.

Paxman has been pioneering scalp cooling technology worldwide for over 25 years and are […]

Viscous Fluid Flowmeters & Flow Metering Viscous Fluids

Titan Viscous Fluid Flowmeters
Viscous fluid flowmeters by Titan – built for metering all manner of viscous fluids, such as hydraulic oils used in heavy machinery, at pressures of up to 700 bar and temperatures up to 150°C, the Titan Enterprises OG2-700 bar flowmeter is designed to be fully IP67 / NEMA 4 compliant.

With a […]

July 2016

Informative Flow Measurement Bulletin

FLowdown 8 ‘Flow Measurement’ E-bulletin
Earlier in the year, Titan Enterprises published the Spring 2016 edition of its quarterly fLowdown ebulletin which contains a wealth of hints and tips, technological developments, interesting applications advances and breaking news from the field of flow measurement.

The e-bulletin is available for download from www.flowmeters.co.uk/mailer-files8/flowdown8a.html

The popular Technical Tip column looks […]

June 2016

Viscous Fluid Flow Meter: Flow Metering Viscous Fluids

Titan Flow Meters, Discuss the Flow Metering of Viscous Liquids
The (OG2) Oval Gear 700 Bar Flow Meter from Titan
Built for metering viscous liquids, such as hydraulic oils used in heavy machinery, at pressures of up to 700 bar and temperatures up to 150°C, the Titan Enterprises OG2-700 bar viscous liquid flow meter is designed to […]

May 2016

High Quality Flow Sensors – Manufactured in the UK

Titan Enterprises Ltd are a genuine UK based manufacturer of high quality flow sensors
Titan manufacture oval gear flow sensors, turbine flow sensors, ultrasonic flow sensors & bespoke design for specific flow measurement solutions. Here’s a taste of our latest flow sensor systems, products and updates.
Coffee Flow Sensors – Beverage Sensors For Coffee Machines
Titan were recently approached and […]

Coffee Flow Meters – Beverage Meters For Coffee Machines

Coffee Machine Ultrasonic Flow Measurement
Titan were recently approached and asked if we could make a $1 coffee flow meters for use in coffee dispensing machines – which would be more reliable than the current $1 turbine coffee flow meters. Leveraging technological innovations detailed in one of our recent ultrasonic flowmeter patent applications we produced […]

Coriolis Flow Meters – Accurate Flow Meters

How Coriolis Flow Meters Work
Functions of Some of the Most Accurate Flow Meters Available
Coriolis flow meters are one of the most, if not the most, accurate flow meters on the market, but how is this achieved? They are used in critical situations such as custody transfer as well as general process control. The operating principle […]

Low Flow Rate Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter – a Novel Approach

Titan Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter for Low Flow Rates
Across the industrialised world there is an increase in demand for liquid flow meter systems operating at low flow rates. The range of applications that might benefit from such systems is very wide and includes offshore, industrial, medical, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and laboratories. The requirements on flow […]

Farming Flow Meters: Semi-automated additive applicators for silage

In this new feature we look to bring you an example of a customer application that was solved by a flow meter development by Titan Enterprises. In focus today, farming flow meters.

In this issue of fLowdown we report on farming flow meters & developments made for Selmech Supplies Ltd – a leading manufacturer of […]

April 2016

Metering Batches of Liquid & Fluids: Flow Meter Design

Trevor Forster is Managing Director of Titan Enterpises. His experience in fluid handling, and specifically in this case – metering batches of liquid & fluids, dates back to the mid 1960’s when he started working on rotating seals and flow meter design for third party clients. Drawing upon over 40 years of using innovative […]

Using Data Matrix bar codes to carry calibration information on flow meters

One of the challenges of supplying thousands of flow meters a year is the storage and accessibility of the calibration information. Not a week goes by without a customer requesting a lost calibration certificate or in one case 300 lost calibration certificates ! To facilitate easy response to these calibration certificate losses – Titan […]

Process Atrato: Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Process & Control

Titan Enterprises announces the Process Atrato – a new low volume, high performance ultrasonic flow meter packaged to address the challenges of the process and control environment.
The compact Process Atrato flow meter combines all the technological advantages of market-leading Atrato ultrasonic technology (high linearity, high sensitivity, wide flow range linearity, no moving parts, fast […]

Affordable Rate & Totaliser Flowmeter

The Pulsite Solo from Titan Enterprises is an affordable battery powered rate and total flowmeter. Offering the flexibility of panel, wall or surface mounting this new digital display instrument has been designed for use with switch, coil and magnetic sensor inputs. With housing constructed from durable polymer, and sealed to IP65 specifications, the Pulsite […]

March 2016

Agricultural Flow Meters – Ensuring Correct Additive Dosing

Agricultural Flow Meters – Reproducibly Precise Flow Measurement Ensures Correct Additive Dosing
Discussing the marketplace of agricultural flow meters, Titan Enterprises report on how Selmech Supplies Ltd (www.selmechsupplies.co.uk) has integrated Titan 800 Series turbine flow meters into their silage additive applicator systems to ensure precise dosing of these additives.

Addition of a preservative to forage crops is […]

Medical Flow Meters

How do I measure?
Medical Flow Meters
In this article we discuss an issue of general interest to all of us – medical flow meters and specifically, blood flow…

Titan’s interest in measuring blood flow was initiated by an enquiry for a set of meters to record the flow of blood substitute around a model of the human circulation […]

Mini Turbine Flow Meters – Flow Meter Applications: Problem Solved

Mini Turbine Flow Meters & Titan Flow Meter Applications
In this new blog feature we look to present examples of customer flow meter applications that were solved by a flow meter system development by Titan Enterprises. This example reports on developments made for Agrochemical specialists – Stored Crop Conservation Ltd. (www.storedcrop.co.uk) and looks at Titan mini turbine […]

Rate & Totalising Flow Meter: Introducing the Pulsite Solo

Rate & Totalising Flow Meter
During 2016 Titan will be launching a range of display instruments. The first introduction will be a battery powered rate & totalising flow meter (rate/totaliser) – the Pulsite Solo. This digital display rate & totalising flow meter instrument has been designed for use with switch, coil and magnetic sensor inputs. […]

February 2016

Aggressive Media; Flow Meters & Flow Applications

Selecting Materials for Aggressive Media Flow Meter Applications
For the purposes of this feature I have defined aggressive media to include corrosive and abrasive flows and also measurements made at higher temperatures. Corrosive materials are commonly encountered in flow measurement and they present a series of problems. Typically corrosion resistance changes with temperature, a material […]

Recording on the Atrato Ultrasonic Flow Sensor Data

Data Recording Flow Sensors at Titan
A new data recording version of its Atrato ultrasonic flow sensor software interface has been developed by Titan Enterprises. Easy to set-up and use, the Atrato flow recorder enables data recording via an external computer. With features that provide monitoring, reporting and management of flow data – the Atrato flow recorder […]

Expansion at Titan Enterprises: Growth at flowmeters.co.uk

Following a period of steady growth, and to provide extra capacity for expansion in the future, the management of Titan have purchased a further 235 square meters of space and now completely own their HQ & production facility in Sherbourne, UK.

With over 40 years’ experience in flowmeter innovation and manufacture, Titan Enterprises philosophy of […]

December 2013

Tips for Selecting a Flowmeter

Drawing upon over 40 years of experience, Trevor Foster – an internationally recognised authority in flow meter technology and applications offers sound, non-commercial advice on what to consider when selecting, implementing and maintaining a flowmeter system.
1. Consider why you might need a flow meter.
Common applications for a flowmeter might be monitoring the amount of […]

Titan Ultrasonic & High Spec Flowmeters: Safeguarding Customers With Trustwave Compliance

Titan Enterprises innovate, design, develop and manufacture hi-tech & hi spec flowmeters – including our most recent cutting-edge Atrato ultrasonic flowmeter. Our operations span the globe, our reputation is first-class & we enjoy nurturing relationships with our customers on an ongoing basis. This is why we take security and data protection seriously and that […]

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