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small bore flowmeters

January 2015

Titan Small Bore Flow Meters & Flow Meter Solutions: UK Manufacturing Excellence

• End user & OEM small bore flow meter solution providers
• An ISO 9001 company manufacturing small bore flow meters
• Designing & manufacturing flow meters since 1981
• Traceable flow meter calibrations
Small Bore Flow Meters – UK Manufacture – High Quality Production
All Titan small bore flowmeters are designed, manufactured and tested in-house. We are an ISO […]

December 2013

Small Bore Flow Meters – Selecting Liquid Flowmeters Below Half Inch (1/2 in) Bore

1. An illustrated guide to identifying the ideal small bore liquid flowmeter
A Technical Briefing for designers, specifiers and users of flow measurement.
Produced by Titan Enterprises Ltd

Introduction: 2
Small Bore Flow Meters: Performance Charts: 3
Ultrasonic Flowmeters: 4
Variable Area Flowmeters: 5
Turbine Flowmeters: 6
Pelton Wheel (radial flow turbine) Flowmeters: 7
Positive Displacement Flow Meters: 8
Electromagnetic Flowmeters: 9
Thermal Flowmeters: 10
Fluidic […]

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