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petrochemical flow meters

February 2021

High Pressure Flow Meter for Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

High Pressure Liquid Flow Sensors for Offshore Oil, Gas, Rigs, FPSO and Offshore Sustainable Energy
The Titan High Pressure Oval Gear (OG4) flow meters provide an ideal solution for offshore oil & gas industry liquid flow meter applications, including across sub-sectors such as oil and gas drilling, offshore rigs, FPSO (Floating production storage and offloading) […]

July 2020

ATEX compliant flow meters

Titan Enterprises offer specific design options for challenging applications. In this article we examine ATEX compliant flow meters. Titan design robust oval-gear flow meters to ensure safe operation in potentially explosive atmospheres – such as those often encountered within the petrochemical industry.

Based upon a proprietary oval gear design, Titan OG Series flow meters are […]

June 2015

Petrochemical Flow Meters: Metering Petrochemical Additive Injection Fluids

Petrochemical Flow Meters
For the successful transportation and refining of crude oils a whole raft of additives are required. These vary from simple surfactants through to complex blended scale and corrosion inhibitors. These chemicals are injected in small quantities at high pressure and are critical to the whole refining process. Consequently, careful monitoring of their addition to […]

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