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measurement of low flow rates of liquids

July 2019

The Challenge of Metering the Flow of Liquids

(an interview with Sara Ibrahim, editor IEN Europe)
Titan Enterprises is constantly upgrading its ultrasonic flow meter range, a technology that has many advantages, from no pressure drop to powerful electronics. The company aims to expand its ultrasonic range to reach lower flows, and higher pressure, and is currently working on the development of domestic water meters […]

September 2014

Low Flow Rate Measurement: Measuring low pulsating flows in large pipes

Low Flow Rates With Large Pulsations: Solving Flow Measurement Issues
Commonly low flow liquid movements are generated by a reciprocating motive action peristaltic, piston or diaphragm pump. Using such pumps can cause very large pulsations in liquid pipelines resulting in measurement problems with most inferential flow meters. Likewise turbine flow meters, differential pressure devices and […]

May 2014

Low Flow Measurement: Techniques For Optimising Flowmeter Performance At Low Flow Rates

An Optimised Technique for Low Flow Measurement by Trevor Forster, Titan Enterprises Ltd
There is an increasing demand for the improved measurement of low flow rates of liquids in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, laboratory, medical and industrial sectors. The measurement of low flow rates is difficult for a number of reasons. With mechanical flow meters all the moving […]

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