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Insertion Turbine Flowmeters

October 2021

Chemotherapy Patients Benefit from Optimum Coolant Flow During Treatment


Titan Enterprises celebrates over 10 years of partnership development with Paxman Coolers Ltd (www.paxmanscalpcooling.com) as the company reports over 4,000 Paxman scalp-cooling systems are now installed around the world, reducing the likelihood of chemotherapy-induced alopecia.

An Innovative Combination

Paxman’s innovative liquid-based cooling system utilises Titan’s mini turbine flowmeters to monitor the rate of coolant flow around […]

August 2015

Insertion Turbine Flow Meters

Titan Enterprise’s innovative insertion turbine flow meters combine proven robust technology with modern materials and design.
Stainless Steel Insertion Turbine Flow Meters
The Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) turbine on insertion turbine flow meters rotates freely on a 316 stainless steel shaft and has specially aerofoil shaped blades to extend the dynamic range of the meter. The specially […]

August 2014

Insertion Turbine Flowmeters: Inexpensive Metering of Flow Rate in Larger Diameter Pipes

Titan Enterprises offer a range of insertion turbine liquid flow measurement systems, for permanent or portable installation in larger diameter pipelines, from 40 – 900mm.
Insertion turbine flowmeters measure the point velocity of the liquid in a pipe. Due to the relatively small disturbance the insertion turbine metering head introduces to a pipe, pressure losses for this type of […]

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