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flowmeter instrumentation

November 2017

Flow Controller Instrument – Titan Metra Batch For Flow Meters, Sensors & Indicators

Ruggedly constructed to provide years of trouble-free operation, the Titan Metra Batch – flow controller instrument is proven to deliver precise control of batch dispensing, blending and bottle/tank filling. This high quality flow measurement instrument is suitable for beverages, chemicals, food ingredients, fuels and solvents. The Titan Metra-Batch flow controller instrument is designed for […]

April 2013

Combined Flow Sensor & Totaliser for Corrosive Fluids

Titan Enterprises has launched the Metra-Flow OG2 – a new combined flow sensor and battery-powered six-digit flow totaliser for monitoring the delivery of corrosive and/or highly viscous fluids.

With a polycarbonate front cover, wetted parts moulded in polyphenylsulfone (PPS), PEEK, and silicon and spindles in 316 stainless or ceramic the durably constructed Metra-Flow OG2 is […]

High Precision Flow Measurement Device

Designed for operation with oval gear meters – the Titan Enterprises Metra-Smart is a small, intrinsically safe flow computer that provides all the electronic features you would expect from a high precision measurement device.

The Metra-Smart was specifically designed for computing and displaying flow rates and totals as well as giving an analogue output proportional […]

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