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Pulsating Flow

July 2021

Titan Bridges Troubled Waters For Flow Meter Installation

Titan Enterprises have released video tutorials illustrating correct wiring of their pulse precision flow measurement devices to support customers with the installation of flow meters into their applications.

Within the flow metering industry, wiring a flow meter is often second nature to experienced engineers and may seem intuitive for established customers. However, Titan’s flow meters […]

April 2018

The Effect of Pulsating Flow on Flow Measurement Accuracy

Pulsating Flow

Flow meter manufacturers calibrate their products in steady flow conditions for a very good reason. Pulsations cause big errors.

Dealing with pulsating flow has been an issue in flow measurement for over 100 years. In the 1920’s a gentleman called John Lawrence Hodgson working for George Kent Ltd identified that pulsations induced in fluid […]

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