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Accurate Flow Measurement of Corrosive Fluids

September 2021

Ultrasonic Flow Meter Ideal for Ultra-Pure Water Applications

Designed primarily for ultra-pure water dispensing applications requiring a high degree of cleanliness, clean bore flow measurement devices such as Titan Enterprises’ Metraflow® ultrasonic flowmeter, offer the ideal solution.

Ultra-pure water – water that has been purified to very strict specifications – is an important component for industries across specialist markets where impurities can cause […]

July 2019

Accurate Flow Measurement of Corrosive Fluids

Metraflow Ultrasonic Flow Meter: Accurate Flow Measurement of Corrosive Fluids
The Titan Enterprises, Metraflow-ultrasonic flow meter has been selected by a leading fluid metering and water treatment company, for it’s exceptional performance within accurate flow measurement of corrosive fluids. In this particular case, the Metraflow was installed to accurately measure chemical disinfection dosing using sodium […]

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