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800 Series Turbine Flowmeters

July 2019

Flow Meter With Display – Flexible Flow Sensor & Display Unit Combo

For customers requiring a flow meter with display, Titan Enterprises have introduced a combination package of 800 series turbine flow meter and Pulsite Solo display unit as a replacement for their 800 Series Displaying Turbine Flowmeter (800D).

This new ‘flow meter with display’ combination from Titan provides users with more versatility, more information and the […]

March 2016

Agricultural Flow Meters – Ensuring Correct Additive Dosing

Agricultural Flow Meters – Reproducibly Precise Flow Measurement Ensures Correct Additive Dosing
Discussing the marketplace of agricultural flow meters, Titan Enterprises report on how Selmech Supplies Ltd (www.selmechsupplies.co.uk) has integrated Titan 800 Series turbine flow meters into their silage additive applicator systems to ensure precise dosing of these additives.

Addition of a preservative to forage crops is […]

March 2015

High Performance Turbine Flow meters: High Reliability Turbine Flowmeters

Titan’s 900 & 1000 Range High Performance Turbine Flow Meters
The 900 and 1000 series ‘high performance turbine flow meters’ are designed to give high performance and competitive pricing with 7 flow ranges from 0.05 to 30 litres per minute. Its choice of body materials makes this the ideal choice for the metering of aggressive […]

August 2014

Remote Controlled, Battery Powered Flowmeter

Titan Update: Battery Powered Flowmeter
Titan Enterprises has launched a battery powered, remote control flowmeter – a version of its

popular 800 Series turbine flowmeter for companies who wish to monitor flow without installing a wiring loom or in remote situations.

The new remote controlled, battery powered flowmeter is designed to operate on 3V batteries. The new […]

April 2014

Inert Low-Cost Flow Turbine Meter, for OEM Applications

Cost Effective Flow Measurement – the Flow Turbine Meter
Titan Enterprises has introduced its third generation 800 Series flow turbine meter range. The new 800 Series turbine flow meters incorporate a wide range of developments further enhancing long-term, high performance operation for OEM flowmeter customers in drink dispensing, laboratory testing, cooling, pharmaceutical, medical and semiconductor […]

February 2014

Turbine Flowmeters – Low Cost Inert flow meters for OEM Applications

800 Series Turbine Flowmeters
Titan Enterprises announces its third generation 800 Series turbine flowmeter range.  The new 800 Series turbine flow meters incorporate a wide range of developments further enhancing long-term, high performance operation for OEM turbine flowmeter customers in drink dispensing, laboratory testing, cooling, pharmaceutical, medical and semiconductor applications.

The competitively priced 800 series turbine flow meter is designed to give high performance (+/- […]

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