Purpose Built Ultrasonic Flow Meter System, For Your Application…

A long established OEM customer was having difficulties with a new chemical they were required to design their equipment to operate with. This chemical seriously attenuated the ultrasound passing through the fluid within the Atrato ultrasonic meter. The resulting, much reduced, signal amplitude proved challenging for even the Atrato flowmeter giving erroneous readings at times. The company approached Titan Enterprises to try and solve this problem with via a bespoke ultrasonic flow meter system.

Ultrasonic Flow Meter Systems For Challenging Applications

Titan prides itself in its problem solving capabilities for organisations seeking OEM flowmeter solutions to challenging applications and set about finding a solution. After experimenting with several options the solution for the new chemical measurement was found by putting some of the setup control in their customer’s experienced hands. A bespoke version of the meters program and interface software permits the customer to alter the gain on the sensors and using the built-in bar-graph on the interface software the customer can now “increase” the gain to suit the fluid being measured, resulting in a one-off ultrasonic flow meter system, designed for the customer’s application. The trade off of a slightly reduced operating range and higher minimum flow was not a problem as the application did not require the 200:1 turndown that Atrato normally provides.

Atrato Ultrasonic Flow Meter Systems

Over recent years this customer has systematically been replacing oval gear flowmeters in different applications with the highly reliable Atrato ultrasonic flowmeter. The customer likes that the Atrato has no moving parts and a through bore construction is seen as a big benefit as both service and downtimes associated with the metering system is all but eliminated. The more flexible output from the meter is also seen as a bonus as requirement for secondary instrumentation is reduced.