In this case study we discuss how several Titan customers now use Titan NSF-approved beverage flow meters for “Beer wall flow metering” applications. Beer wall flow metering is required within establishments which install a quantity of beer taps on a single wall and then allow/charge customers to pour their own drinks.

In establishments looking to allow/charge customers to pour their own drinks there are weights and measure issues to consider. In some countries there are regulations that require a set-minimum volume served at specified accuracies, while others do not mind and you can serve yourself – just as a taster. Either way, the flow of your chosen drink volume used has to be metered.

There are also different ways of charging for beer wall, flow metered drinks. Some have credit card payment terminals next to the tap with perhaps the drink details and possible volumes that can be dispensed. Others use coded wrist bands which are registered against your credit card and must be scanned before the tap will operate. In every case the user will be charged for the drink they dispense. These beverage flow meters, installed as part of a beer wall flow metering system, can also provide accurate stock control as well as informing management of high sales levels on a given product or barrels running out that will soon require changing.

On a wider scale – brewers and publicans can use feedback from these beverage flow meters to spot trends in drinking habits and stay on top of the latest trends.

To learn more about beer wall flow metering, and NSF-approved flow meters used for Beer Walls, visit our beverage meter page or please contact Titan directly

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