Atrato Ultrasonic Flow Meters: DATA

The Titan range of Atrato ultrasonic flow meters uses patented technology that enables our ultrasonic flow meters to operate over very wide flow ranges with excellent accuracy over the whole span. The device is a true inline meter with a direct flow path. The housing is robust and compact with full connectivity with inbuilt terminals anda USB outlet for use with our software package. Our signal processing system permits flow measurement over the whole Reynolds number range allowing both viscous and non viscous products to metered accurately. The signal discrimination will identify anomalies in the flow and either ignore them or report them depending on the operational requirements.

Atrato Ultrasonic Flow Meters

This flowmeter that is accurate to better than ±1.0% of reading over the whole 250:1 flow range and repeatability is less than ±0.1%. The frequency output and K factor can be scaled to suit the full scale requirements and hence increase meter resolution at the desired flow rate.
Measuring System

The time of flight measuring system measures both the upstream and downstream flight times and half the difference is the velocity of the fluid. Our patented system measures these time differences to an accuracy of better than 200 picoseconds giving our excellent meter performance. As the pipe geometry is known the resulting pulse output is accurate for the volume passed. This performance is further enhanced by our primary signal to noise ratio which is typically 1000:1 and at times as high as 3000:1.
Computer Interface

The USB connection permits the user to directly monitor the rate and total on their laptop as well as altering some of the operating parameters such as the pulse resolution and units. If the rate and total or the analogue boards are used their programming and operation can be accessed directly. At a later date data logging and operation statistics will be possible.

The development of the flowmeter began in 2001 with a corporate decision to develop the best noninvasive small bore meter in the world as part of a long term strategic plan. One of the foremost fluid engineering establishments (The Cranfield Institute of Technology) was commissioned to develop the device along with Titan and this joint project has been continuous since that date. Titan have exclusive global rights for the technology which is subject to 2 granted patents and 2 more applications will be made in the near future.


Atrato ultrasonic flow meters – Standard Materials of construction

  • Body & tube – PVDF/St St
  • ‘O’ Ring seal – Viton
  • Output – Pulse
  • End fittings – 3/8” John Guest

Atrato ultrasonic flow meter – Connections

½” BSP male Peek, or ½” NPT or BSP 316 stainless steel, 3/8” John Guest push-in

Atrato ultrasonic flow meter –  Features

  • Non invasive
  • High reliability
  • Choice of materials
  • ±1.0% of reading
  • Fluid temperature range:
  • -10 to 60°c assembly with enclosed electronics
  • -10 to 110°c sensor only (for use with remote electronics)
  • -10 to 60°c remote electronics
  • Storage temperature -10 to 110°c
  • No moving parts
  • ±0.1% repeatability
  • 3 Flow ranges
  • Pulse output
  • USB interface
  • 10 Bar rating
  • Viton seals as std.
  • Choice of end fittings
  • 8-24 V dc
  • 70°C Max
  • Flow switch/4-20mA option
  • Rate & total option
  • 250:1 turndown
  • Non metallic options
  • Pressure rating 10 bar standard, 30 bar with stainless steel end fittings

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