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Small bore – low flow –  liquid/fluid – flow meter solutions & Innovative Ultrasonic Flow Meter Technologies.

Titan is a leading manufacturer of high-performance flow measurement solutions & ultrasonic flow meters. Titan supplies a range of off-the-shelf flow meters, application-specific flow meters and complete/bespoke flow metering devices and solutions. Our bespoke flow sensors are designed to customer specifications and to meet specific flow ranges and environmental conditions.  Titan are a supplier of flow sensors & flow indicators and our 800 series turbine flowmeters and Beverage meters are NSF-approved.


Trevor Forster is Managing Director of Titan Enterpises.

Trevor Forster Managing Director of Titan Flowmeters

Trevor Forster: Managing Director of Titan Flowmeters

Trevor’s experience in fluid handling dates back to the mid 1960’s when he started working on rotating seals and flowmeter design for third party clients. Drawing upon over 40 years of using innovative design and production techniques, Trevor and the Titan team have been able to produce elegant low flow metering solutions for organisations around the globe.  The Titan Enterprises philosophy of “pushing the envelope by trying to do things a little different and better” has resulted in sales of over 500,000 products into 50 countries worldwide (as of 11/2016) and a repeat purchase rate of 95%.

ultrasonic flowmeters

Titan Atrato ultrasonic low flow, flowmeters

Titan Enterprises Ltd are a genuine UK based manufacturer & supplier of small bore flow meters & low-flow, flow sensor solutions, typically working on flow measurement solutions, such as:

The list above is not exclusive and we can handle almost anything  – although we do not measure gas flow.

Titan Enterprises design and manufacture chemically resistant, high accuracy digital flow meters with pulse outputs. We specialise in low flow metering solutions. For hazardous areas some of these can be considered as simple apparatus.

Our process control and flow-measuring instruments can monitor and/or display: total, batch size, flow rate, switch, consumption and 4-20mA or 10 volt analogue loops. Our batching flow instruments can be used for dispensing, totaliser, accumulated totaliser, flow rate, dispense amount as well as full process monitoring.

Flow Instrumentation rate and totaliser

Titan Enterprises Manufacture a range of Flow Measurement Instrumentation, including the Pulsite Solo Rate and Totaliser and ranges of ultrasonic flow meters

Titan oval gear sensors, positive displacement flowmeters, turbine flow meters, ultrasonic flow sensors and flow-measurement instrumentation produced by Titan are designed and manufactured to ISO9001 and calibrated to an uncertainty of ±0.25%. With over thirty years experience in the production of flow measurement devices our team can offer off-the-shelf flow devices or fully bespoke flow products designed for a particular application – whether it is a low cost OEM flow solution or a specialist flow measurement device manufactured in exotic materials.

Please contact us if you have a specific requirement – we are happy to conduct confidential discussion via NDA if required.


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MetraFlow Non-Invasive PFA Flow Meter

metra flow ultrasonic flow meter

The Atrato Ultrasonic Flowmeter: Breatkthrough Flowmeter Technology
ultrasonic flowmeters

The Process Atrato Ultrasonic Flowmeter for the Process & Control Environment


The Pulsite Solo – Battery Powered Flow MeterRate & Totalising Flow Indicator – Low Cost

battery powered flow meter indicator rate and totalising flow switch


  • Chemotherapy Patients Benefit from Optimum Coolant Flow During Treatment -   Titan Enterprises celebrates over 10 years of partnership development with Paxman Coolers Ltd (www.paxmanscalpcooling.com) as the company reports over 4,000 Paxman scalp-cooling systems are now installed around the world, reducing the likelihood of chemotherapy-induced alopecia. An Innovative Combination Paxman’s…

NSF approved flow meters



Titan Enterprises maintains certification under NSF/ANSI 169 as equipment for food products for their 800 Series turbine flowmeters and Beverage meters. This accreditation is especially important for manufacturers of food production and handling machinery who can install these flow meters secure in the knowledge that they meet NSF-standards for food production. Based upon a unique Pelton wheel design, Titan’s 800-series and beverage dispensing flow meters are inherently reliable and proven in tens of thousands of installations around the world.

NSF Turbine Flow Meters
NSF Beverage Flow Meters