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These compact rugged oval gear flowmeters are designed to give high performance with a low cost of ownership. These meters are happy measuring simple water like products as well as lubricating fluids. There are several versions; some can have totally non-metallic wetted components, PEEKā„¢, ceramic and a choice of elastomer which makes these the ideal choice for the metering of aggressive chemicals. The standard inlet and outlet are BSP or NPT female threads, flanges are also available. For OEM use alternatives, including manifold mountings, are available. The standard models are 316 St St, aluminium, Hastelloy C and PEEK. For hazardous areas either the Namur sensor or the reed switch (simple apparatus) may be used.

Titan oval gear flow meters - 
		OG3 oval gear flowmeter  Oval Gear Flowmeters: Overview

Oval Gear Meter selection chart

  Oil flow Water flow "K"Factor  
Model (weblink) Min Mix Accuracy Min Max Accuracy Pulse/L Model (PDF)
OG1 flowmeter 0.01 1 0.75%FSD 0.1 1 1.0% FSD 2050 OG1 (PDF)
OG2 flowmeter 0.03 4 0.75%FSD 0.15 4 1.0% FSD 1100 OG2 (PDF)
OG3 flowmeter 0.05 10 1.0% 0.5 10
0.5% FSD 400 OG3 (PDF)
OG4 flowmeter 0.25 50 0.50% 2.5 50 1.00% 113 OG4 (PDF)
OG5 flowmeter 0.5 100 0.5% 4 100 0.75% 70 OG5 (PDF)
OG6 flowmeter 2 200 0.50% 10 200 1.00% 21 OG6 (PDF)
OG7 flowmeter 5 500 0.50% 20 500 1.00% 15 OG7 (PDF)

% Flow vs Viscosity limit

Titan flowmeters OG flow meter overview

At the heart of the meter are a pair of toothed oval gears one of which contains chemically resistant magnets, the gears rotate freely on robust bearings. Rotation is detected through the chamber wall by a Hall Effect detector, Namur sensor or a reed switch giving a number pulses per litre passed. The output is an NPN pulse or a voltage free contact closure either of which is readily interfaced with most electronic display or recording devices. This combination of materials and technology ensures a long life product with reliable, accurate operation throughout. PEEK is a superb material for gear and bearing manufacture, it has excellent pressure and velocity characteristics coupled with very good thermal properties and chemical resistance. For fluids with viscosities above 1000cStk specially cut gears are required and the flow range is reduced for a given meter size.