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Beer Flow Meter & Totaliser: Summary

Designed primarily for beer measurement this indicating meter is a stand-alone product that shows the amount of liquid dispensed since the last reset. The unit can only be zeroed using a hand held programmer. This is not just a simple switch but an intelligent instrument in its own right, poking a metal object in the connector on the display unit will not re-set it. This reset fob can be made to work with single units or in groups of devices in a number of establishments. The meter must have power to work but should the device be disconnected the display will flash when power is restored and will continue to do so until the unit is reset using the programmer. This is to indicate to an absent operator tampering or temporary power loss. The meter will remember the total at power down and continue incrementing from that point when the power is restored.


totalising beer flow meter

Totalising Beer Flow Meter

Beer Flow Meter & Totaliser: Features

  • 4 Digit totaliser
  • Ideal for beer totalising/beer dispensing
  • High speed count
  • IP65 (Nema 4X)
  • Non volatile memory
  • 7 – 15V ac/dc
  • Clear 7mm LED
  • One decimal point
  • 3/8” Fittings
  • 0 – +40°C
  • Competitively priced
  • Power loss indicator
  • Pints or litres display
  • Key fob reset
  • 0.5 to 10 L/Min
  • 0 to 999.9 litres or pints
  • 0.070 kg
  • Power supply for up to 16 units

The Titan Totalising Beer Flow Meter is ideal for

  • Beer totalising
  • Beer dispense recording
totalising beer flow meter

Totalising Beer Flow Meter


beer flow meters

3/8 Beer Flow Meter Dimensions

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totalising beer flow meter

Totalising Beer Flow Meter

Beer Flow Meters: Order Codes

Displaying beer flow meter
310-000 (Displays pints)
310-000 (Displays litres)
Displaying beer flow meter – reset fob
Displaying beer flow meter – power supply

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