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Titan Enterprises Ltd are a genuine UK based manufacturer of Flow Meters and flow meter solutions such as:
Oval Flow Indicators, Instruments and Calibration flow meter devices.

Atrato Ultrasonic
flow meters

ultrasonic flowmeters

2mL to 20 L/Min
Ideal for:
Drink dispensing
Laboratory tests
Cooling equipment
Active flow alarms
Semiconductor plant
Oval gear
flow meters

Oval Gear Meters

0.001-500 L/Min
Ideal for:
Viscous fluids
Process control
High Pressure
High accuracy
flow meters


0.02-160 L/Min
Ideal for:
OEM use
Water flows
Low viscosity
Corrosive media
Insertion turbine
flow meters

Insertion Turbines

37-100 mm pipes
Ideal for:
Water distribution
Cost sensitive jobs
Boiler feed
Sight flow indicator
flow meters

Sight Flow Indicator

¼" - ¾"
Ideal for:
Coolant monitoring
Test rigs
Local indication
Flow checks
flow meter


Panel or field mount
Ideal for:
Rate & total
Flow alarms
Analogue outputs

Flowmeter & Flow Measurement News, Titan Press Releases and Flow Meter Weblog

Consider The Total Life Cost Of A Flowmeter.

Apr 16th

Total life cost of a flowmeter Initial purchase price is only one aspect of the costs of running a flowmeter. A simple turbine flowmeter will be inexpensive to purchase and install but the true costs may need to be considered over several years of more

Off The Shelf Flowmeters: Special Offer Until 31st May, 2014.

Apr 15th

All UK customers completing orders for Titan Enterprises off-the-shelf flowmeters of value over £1000 on or before 31st May 2014 will qualify to receive a free Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablet computer (8 GB memory). For details and to request a quotation more

High Accuracy Oval Gear Flowmeters: Compact & Lightweight

Mar 18th

Titan Enterprises Oval Gear flowmeters (OG flowmeters) provide an ideal solution for applications that require a highly accurate, compact and lightweight flow measurement device. Recent applications that have benefited from Titan lightweight oval gear more

Turbine Flowmeters - Low Cost Inert flow meters for OEM Applications

Feb 27th

800 Series Turbine Flowmeters Titan Enterprises announces its third generation 800 Series turbine flowmeter range.  The new 800 Series turbine flow meters incorporate a wide range of developments further enhancing long-term, high more

Titan Reports on Applications of Flow Metering Technology

Jan 9th

Titan Enterprises reports that applicants from around the world recently entered its textbook prize draw competition marking the launch of its expanded range of Atrato ultrasonic flow metering more

Small Bore Flow Meters - Selecting Liquid Flowmeters Below Half Inch (1/2 in) Bore

Dec 18th

1. An illustrated guide to identifying the ideal small bore liquid flowmeter A Technical Briefing for designers, specifiers and users of flow measurement. Produced by Titan Enterprises Ltd Contents Introduction: 2 Small Bore Flow Meters: more

Tips for Selecting a Flowmeter

Dec 9th

Drawing upon over 40 years of experience, Trevor Foster – an internationally recognised authority in flow meter technology and applications offers sound, non-commercial advice on what to consider when selecting, implementing and maintaining a flowmeter more

Titan Ultrasonic & High Spec Flowmeters: Safeguarding Customers With Trustwave Compliance

Dec 2nd

Titan Enterprises innovate, design, develop and manufacture hi-tech & hi spec flowmeters - including our most recent cutting-edge Atrato ultrasonic flowmeter. Our operations span the globe, our reputation is first-class & we enjoy nurturing more

Non-Invasive Inline Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Sep 13th

The Atrato Ultrasonic flowmeter from Titan Enterprises is a true inline non-invasive flow meter without the contorted flow path and disadvantages of alternative designs. It can handle flows from laminar to turbulent and is therefore largely immune from more

OG Flowmeters for Monitoring Viscous Flows

Jul 2nd

High-precision Oval Gear (OG) flowmeters from Titan Enterprises can monitor a viscous fluid flow at flow rates up to 500l/min, using stainless steel, PEEK or other body materials at up to 150C and up to 700 bar. Beneficially, unlike other flowmeters, more

OEM & Custom Flow Meter Systems

Jun 2nd

Titan Enterprises has established itself as a leading developer of high quality flowmeters for a broad range of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), private label and bespoke customer applications. Drawing upon over 40 years’ experience - Titan's more

Visual Checking of Liquid Flow Helps Ensure Operational Safety

May 2nd

Titan Enterprises has launched a new range of stainless steel and aluminium oval gear flow meters with a clear acrylic top enabling users to visually check the flow as well as monitoring the flow output.  The ability to visually check flowing liquid, more

Combined Flow Sensor & Totaliser for Corrosive Fluids

Apr 22nd

Titan Enterprises has launched the Metra-Flow OG2 - a new combined flow sensor and battery-powered six-digit flow totaliser for monitoring the delivery of corrosive and/or highly viscous fluids. With a polycarbonate front cover, wetted parts moulded more

High Precision Flow Measurement Device

Apr 2nd

Designed for operation with oval gear meters - the Titan Enterprises Metra-Smart is a small, intrinsically safe flow computer that provides all the electronic features you would expect from a high precision measurement device. The Metra-Smart was more

Specifying the Optimal Liquid Flowmeter for Your Application

Mar 20th

Drawing upon many years’ experience of designing and supplying liquid flowmeters to meet stringent OEM specifications - Titan Enterprises has produced an informative white paper 'How to specify liquid flowmeters'. Accurate, reliable, cost effective more

High Temperature Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Mar 2nd

Titan Enterprises has announced a new high temperature version of its low cost Atrato ultrasonic flowmeter. Capable of operating up to 110°C, the new Atrato is purpose designed for applications involving high temperature cooling water and oils. The more

Flowmeters:- Quality oval gear flowmeter, positive displacement flow meter, turbine flow meter, flow transducer or a flow sensor.

Low cost flow meters, high pressure flow meters, stainless steel flow meters, plastic flow meters, OEM flow meters, high viscosity flow meters, acid flow meters, alkali flow meters, hydraulic flow meters, oil flow meters, fuel flow meters, beer and water flow meters are all possible. With our chemically resistant, high accuracy digital flow meters with pulse outputs, we can handle almost anything. For hazardous areas some of these can be considered as simple apparatus.

Our process control and measuring instruments can monitor and/or display: total, batch size, flow rate, switch, consumption and 4-20mA or 10 volt analogue loops. The batching instruments can be used for dispensing, totaliser, accumulated totaliser, flow rate, dispense amount as well as full process monitoring.

The Oval gear, positive displacement and Turbine flow meters produced by Titan are designed and manufactured to ISO9001 and calibrated to an uncertainty of ±0.25%. With over thirty years of experience in the production of flowmeters our team can offer either an off the shelf meter or fully bespoke flow products designed for a particular application whether it is a low cost OEM flow solution or a specialist flowmeter in exotic materials.